The Fog Ensemble – Lighthouse – Audio

The trio of Antonis Karakostas (Guitars / Loops / Programming), Nicholas Kondylis (Bass) and George Nanopoulos (Drums) from Thessaloníki (Greece) who form the instrumental-rock band The Fog Ensemble release the LP Throbs on the 19th.

The Fog Ensemble

The Fog Ensemble

The seven track album is available on bandcamp and comes three years after their début is marked, on the basis of the one piece around from the album, by more subtle strokes than their previous fairly punchy previous work.

Replacing the forefront of compressed coils of guitar, of previous compositions, with aired textures of multi-dimensional electronica, as disported in Lighthouse, the opener of the LP, has enabled The Fog Of Ensemble to create mystical cinematographic luxuriant layers which soar through the room, captivating the listener in their ethereal presence.

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MAJJ – Burned Skin Will Heal – Audio

The French instrumental prog-rock quartet MAJJ release the LP Relapse on the 21st.



A six track album (available on bandcamp) which is opened by Burned Skin Will Heal.

Burned Skin Will Heal is a track that minds of a blazing orange sunset setting behind distant hills, creating a vision of wide horizons and stark contrasts of light, dark and sharpened shapes. There is also something intangibly science-fiction about the track, vaguely referencing Jeff Wayne’s musical of H. G. WellsWar Of The Worlds.


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