Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – Single Review

The English newwave trio Fick As Fieves released the single Insomnia on the 21st.

Fick As Fieves - Insomnia - artwork

Fick As Fieves – Insomnia – artwork

Prior to hitting play, as those who are of longer stay will also recall, there is little point unless your 14 hole DMs are tied and there is room to dance to the latest reveal.

On this occasion, once again the sprung drum kit snaps through the room – though in Insomnia the bass and guitar are given front-line billing too resulting in a ska derived number and the listener finds themselves reverting from pogo to skanking footstep whilst the precise vocal trips, like a surgeons knife, through the phrases.

Since Fick As Fieves returned from their break the world has undoubtedly become a better place and all that is next required is an LP to press once and play in long-form and upon which those who do suffer from Insomnia will take great pleasure as the night passes in fervoured dance-step.

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Chris Marksbury – Insomnia – Audio

The US rock creator Chris Marksbury revealed three new tracks within the past few hours.

Chris Marksbury - Insomnia

Chris Marksbury

Having released individual tracks sporadically over the past few years, the fact that three arose together bearing the cover art entitled All About You may foretell of an EP or LP in the wings – time will tell.

Insomnia is a just under four and a half minute track in a cloak of dirty blues which prowls around the room majestically as only slide is able to deliver.

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