Le Destroy – Knives – Audio

The US industrial-rock project Le Destroy is finalising details of the EP Slaughter.

Le Destroy

Le Destroy

The first track to surface from the EP – Knives – which was released as a stand alone single on the 23rd of February signposts of a fuller release which is likely to grab attention and add to the collection.

Prior to hitting play do ensure everything is tightly tied down as the walls will start to shudder and foundations pulsate as the music rattles from the speakers. Skittish drum double-taps like a trained assassin with a fulsome bass guitar thrubbing as though a pneumatic drill driving in to the floor while the glitchy-guitar spreads a dystopian cloud over the audience, from which the absorbing vocal looms akin to a precursor of foreboding future all of which is underpinned by ominous piano minors.


Knives – Single – Le Destroy is available on iTunes.*

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Remora is the industrial-rock group from Sanford, North Carolina, in the USA centred around Brian John Mitchell.

Remora - industrial-rock from the USA


Those of longer stay will recognize Brian Mitchell as being the owner of Silber Media who often send through bands that are reviewed very frequently, so it is somehow appropriate to take a listen to his own material.

The growling thread of sound shudders through the bones as though a dark raven is descending as a jack-hammer of bass pedal hammers through the room, to which guitars adds squeals of tortuous excoriation as Remora deliver music which thunders of malcontent and a mesmeric vocal metronomes its way through the ears. This is music that needs to be played as loudly as the speakers will allow with full sub-woofer bass boost – but you just knew I was going to advise that…

A new Remora LP surfaced at the end of last month, the live album – Swash, which I recommend adding to the playlist. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I would think that this is perhaps not the right website for you to be reading as, has already been mentioned, music from Silber Media emails regularly surface.


Swash – Remora is available on iTunes.*

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Captivves from Reading in England is the industrial-rock trio of Daniel Haylock (Vocals / Bass), Phil Howell (Guitar) and Kieran Phillips (Drums).

Captivves - industrial-rock from England


Recently formed and with only a couple of songs that I have been able to hear, I look forward to much more by Captivves. Industrial distortion echoes around the walls, whilst taughtly tied percussion, like a flag bearer marching into battle, rallies the sounds.

The combinations of echoes and delay meeting sharply defined precise drums gives the music an immediate attraction as the bass soars away, sweeping up the stray reflections of sound and a vocal steeped in gauze adds a mystery to the tracks. There is a powerful and tangible presence which marches across the room as Captivves deliver music that reflects of the malaise of society.

A track which opens with a solitary string on a bass, as you will know, can’t help but make me enamoured. The trio have made an impressive start and assuming these two songs aren’t their finest hour, they have much to offer the world of music and I look forward to hearing much more in short order.

Beginning to put together a live performance schedule, I recommend getting out to see them play, if they turn up in a town near you.

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Mason Mercer

Mason Mercer from New York in the USA is the creator of experimental industrial rock.

Mason Mercer - Experimental Industrial Rock from The USA

Mason Mercer

An omnipresent metronomic mechanisation threads through the music which whilst having a formation is the aural equivalent of a panic attack as Mason Mercer reflects on a world that steamrollers over individual endeavour agglomerating writhing humanity into a robotic factory line harried into greater productivity.

Mason Mercer is able to transliterate a sense of panic to a musical format without it straying to the unfathomable and although the sounds crash and collide to portray the concepts, they are equally not so far off the range as to be incoherent and this balance is a testament to the finesse of the compositions.

A new five track EP – Slobber – was released on the 6th (which is available on bandcamp) which is well worth spending the nineteen minutes to hear and then immediately hitting replay. The dark brooding presence of the music chills the room, even on a warm day, with the sense of impending doom that oozes through the ceiling.

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Búho an industrial rock trio from San Antonio in the USA is Brad Angotti (Guitar / Vocals), Mauricio Gudiño Jr. (Drums) and Andrew Elizalde (Bass).

Búho - industrial rock from the USA

Búho – photo credit Josh Huskin

Like heavy steel girders looming up above, Búho have an industrial oppressiveness which immediately works its way under the skin as the trio provide music which broods darkly into the room. Tracks pull in references from a range of genres whilst standing iconically individualistic. The relentless mechanistic progressions hammer the head into submission and the audience is left in no doubt that this is a sound intended to reflect of the current status quo.

Somewhat experimental in nature the trio do not take that path too far so the listener is able to focus on the direction of the material whilst enjoying and revelling in the side-steps.

There are times when gloom and doom is a perfect space in which to wallow with music and Búho give no avenue of escape with their troubling, rumbling wall of sound.

A re – mixed / recorded and mastered version of their 2012 EP Beggars Teeth is on release through Crowquill Records which will also be available as a limited run cassette.


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