False Images – Capsize – Video

The US industrial-metal quartet False Images release the EP Sceleratus on the 15th of July.

False Images - Sceleratus - artwork by Caelan Stokkermans Arts

False Images – Sceleratus – artwork by Caelan Stokkermans Arts

The first track to surface is Capsize – a dark and menacing industrial cloaking descends across the room as pinpoint racing percussion is layered by shadowy guitar, giving the song an impressive demeanour which, even those who normally shy away from the genre, will discover an intense and expressive thread to hold attention.

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Our Last Enemy

Our Last Enemy is Oliver (Vocals), Matt (Bass), Jeff (Keys / Electronics), Bizz (Guitar) and Zot (Drums) from Sydney in Australia.

Our Last Enemy - Industrial Metal from Australia

Our Last Enemy

Make sure there are no loose items in the room as you hit the play button for Our Last Enemy as the scything guitars and rattling percussion tear around from wall to wall like a maelstrom. Whilst the speed and ability to take speakers turned up very high is impressive, it is the control within the quintet that impresses me most. Without diluting any of the force of power, Our Last Enemy is able to deliver the pent-up aggression inside well constructed pieces.

The addition of the keys, allows the band to add a finesse to the out-put that is often lacking in the genre, which additionally gives the material a more menacing over-bearing presence. There is a slightly gothic feel to the out-put, without it ever delving into the cellar, but this theatrical element allows Our Last Enemy to provide sounds which extend far beyond the normal confines to be anticipated.

It is 05:30 on a Sunday as I scribe this review and sometimes, you just need something to blow away the must of the night before and Our Last Enemy is a band who certainly do this, though their more usual home won’t be found as the sun rises, rather heaving masses in a mosh-pit.

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Fear Of Domination

Fear Of Domination is Saku Solin (Vocals), Lauri Ojanen (Bass), Johannes Niemi (Lead Guitar), Jan-Erik Kari (Guitar), Lasse Raelahti (Keyboards) and Vesa Ahlroth (Drums) an industrial metal outfit from Nurmijärvi in Finland.

Fear Of Domination - industrial metal from Finland

Fear Of Domination

With theatrical aplomb Fear of Domination make a welcome addition to emerging indie bands. Somewhat more experienced than typical bands reviewed, the  sextet have learnt their stage craft well and the addition of keys to accompany rhythm guitar lends a far wider spectrum to the distorted metal that slams out of the speakers in a frenzy of noise and phlegm.

I often find that Finnish bands have a harder resonance to their material than their fellow Scandinavian neighbours, perhaps it is the more isolated historical geopolitics that has led to this fairly distinct difference and Fear Of Domination are no different in this regard, as although there is the recognizable Scandinavian feel of open space and frozen landscape, this is tempered by a razor edge force that spills through the music.

The material hammers around the room in a thunderous roar of activity, but by tempering with keys, the sounds are blended into an intriguing flow of music which reminds me of a raging sea – a powerful and destructive force, yet simultaneously unmissable and mesmeric.

Whilst the recorded material reflects of the intensity, I get the impression that a live performance would raise this from something to keep on the track list, to an impressive night out.


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