Boobs of DOOM – Thor’s Womb – Audio

The Scottish industrial-drone duo Boobs of DOOM released the two track plus one revised radio edition track single Thor’s Womb on the 9th.

Boobs of DOOM - Thor's Womb

Boobs of DOOM

The lengthy compositions – which combined come to roughly seventy two minutes (available on bandcamp – proceeds are being donated to the medical fundraiser – Carries Fund) are best approached while in a darkened room to allow the unhurried, relentless entombing foreboding presence to encase the mind and body.

The opening track, which lasts for nearly forty two minutes is the title – Thor’s Womb.

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Championlover from Manchester is England is the industrial drone out-fit of Morkel (Keys / MiniDrum), Wraith (Bass), Toilet (Guitar  / Vocals), Blud (Saxophone / Vocals) and Rinky (Drums).

Championlover - Industrial drone from England


Underlying references to a diversity of musical styles forms an intriguing backbone to Championlover. It is all subsumed under a relentless grazing electronic hum, no that isn’t your speakers on the way out and this gives for an enthralling ride. The inflections of the instrumentation and electronics gives the out-put a somewhat experimental air, however underscoring the directions of travel are structured compositions.

Having had the opportunity to listen to their various previous releases and the release set for the 28th November – the nine track Makeout, I found myself identifying baseline material ranging from latin dance, through reggae, raga, the souks, jazz funk and much more.

It is this eclectic diversity which enables Championlover to provide a fascinating tour for the listener as the ever present current of electronic distortion weaves its way through tracks of equally diverse length. Nominally there are two vocalists, these voices are however also subsumed in echo and effect adding to the absorbing dissonance.

There is a strange comfort to be found in the warming spectacle of wasteland that Championlover portray and it is with some pleasure I introduce the quintet.


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