DarkTrain Brighton, England based dark-wave collaboration of Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino.

DarkTrain - dark-wave from England


Formed towards the end of last year, one half from England the other from Canada, DarkTrain fuses dance with goth to deliver dreamscape analogue synths that melt the walls in a contemplative waves of sound. Combining guitar, technology and vocal the duo are able to produce music which is heavy in atmosphere.

The compositions are gently played, giving the resulting out-put ever rolling layers of texture that the mind can feel itself becoming hypnotised by as DarkTrain slowly evolve the pieces around the audience.  This is music that can be played as an ambient mood setter or to focus upon and however served it will wend its way unerringly into the psyche.

Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to hear much of their music, what I have heard fills me with a sense of anticipation for future tracks. Given the start, DarkTrain is a band you can expect to hear more of during 2015 and I hope to be able to tell you of a full release at some point next year.

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Dor – grey, north carolina – LP Review

It was back in October of last year I introduced the indietronic outfit- Dor from the USA. They have just released a fifteen track LP – grey, north carolina.

Dor - grey, north carolina - artwork

Dor – grey, north carolina – artwork

Opening with the appropriately named – wake as we stand poised at the opening of a just over an hour long release and Dor produce sounds you would anticipate – shimmers of electronic laden percussion and guitar flood the room.

standing, Waiting is a number lasting just over seven minutes and the tempo for grey, north carolina is set, a mix of lengthy tracks juxtaposed against shorter pieces. This has a lighter texture than anticipated and I reminded somewhat of an uptempo Enigma with the latent textures.

route is an intriguing composition with the acoustic guitar caught amidst the electronic kit and caboodle and a fine piece of innovation.

Next comes tryptophan, which much like the amino acid it is named after shares spikes of the pentagon in the molecular structure and finds the first voices on the release.

day.dream is far from a somnambulism as the perky progression evokes of a world scurrying blithely towards its own myopic implosion and my pick of the release.

Closing the first half of grey, north carolina is plane down over lake james, the longest track on the release at just over ten minutes and one in which Dor demonstrate their extraordinary ability to create music which evokes emotion without anything ever being stated.

Followed immediately by the shortest piece at seventy seconds automat. Dor demand much of their listeners, both imaginatively and intellectually. It is for this very reason – the assumption made by the band that the audience has a brain – that I particularly enjoy their music. Nothing is spoon-fed, but it is all available, merely asking of us to engage the cerebrum into gear and away from neutral.

shoreline is next, with sounds that bend back and forth in speed to discombobulate the brain further and as a fine example of the internal thought processing of the band and the rationale of their intentions, I can think of no finer example on the release and is worth the price of the LP on its own merit.

Heading towards the end of grey, north carolina and Dor give the head no respite with you wont remember – nine and a quarter minutes of sustained and slowly evolving drone. A startling sublime piece of sonic creativity I wish went on for another ninety two and a half minutes.

ad interim is another sub two minute piece, that once again demonstrates the ability of the duo to surprise the listener with track placement as once again a subsumed analogue vocal is deployed through fuzzing static.

so still is remarkable for it very lightness and pitch when set against the preceding tracks and the audience is lifted from their concentration of the past fifty minutes with a prelude to the finale….

kurhus. Which is a centre for Neuro Rehabilitation in Denmark. A fine and appropriate ending to an LP which challenges preconceptions and demands the audience use their own brain. This is how music should be, questioning, not prescriptive and I wish Dor all the best with grey, north carolina, which is available on bandcamp.

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Dor is an indietronic outfit from Charlotte in the USA comprising John Rutherford (bass), Jacob Worden (drums) and a whole heap of electronics.

Dor - Indietronica from the USA


I was going to introduce the genre style of Dor as being experimental ambience, which sounds like a misnomer, however that is essence is what it is, but more ambience in the sense of a taking the night-bus home after a weekend party than a chill-out room as the music cuts weaves of the unexpected just as you settle into the hypnosis.

Extended tracks can run to well over nine minutes of loops and overdubs interspersed with various sounds, some real, others purely computer generated and throughout it the bass and drum provide a root from which the liquidity of the sounds can grow and flourish, providing the listener with pieces that remind of timelapse photography.

The challenge for the duo is not to overshoot the limitations of the basic structure of each track and this they successfully negotiate with even the longest pieces not going beyond the bearable. Certainly not compositions to play as you get ready to go out to party, but most definitely music to play on your return as the mixture of bleeding edge is absorbed within recognizable formats and you can just lay back and let the creations do their thing.


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