Loose End – Jordan Street – Video

Loose Ends, an indie quintet from Melbourne (Australia) comprising Jackson Trudel (Drums), Ben Smalley (Vocals), Ben Schmidt (Guitar), Jack Smith (Bass) and Mitch Parry (Guitar) will be releasing the LP Overthinking Everything I Know on the 30th of November.

Loose End - Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Loose End – Photo by Bree Wallace Media

Mixing up their music with both indie-rock and indie-dance the quintet are able to keep a broad spectrum audience engaged with the heavy power-packed riffs and light footsteps.

The first track to surface from the LP – Jordan Street – the closer on the album was released as a standalone single on the 10th.

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Eldren – Still Want More – Audio

The US indie quintet Eldren will be releasing the LP Miss Information Aged on the 21st of September.



Striking a fine balance between music in which to wash away the stresses of the day, while retaining a scornful eye on the world around, Eldren pitch their output smartly with the sardony of lyric being peroxided by the soft boy-band voice and easy gait of the compositions.

Still Want More, the first track to surface from the album, is the sixth of the ten on the album.


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Almond Soy – Silhouette – Single Review

The Australian indie sextet Almond Soy revealed the single Silhouette yesterday.

Almond Soy - photo by Austin Durnin

Almond Soy – photo by Austin Durnin

Having spent a couple of years honing their craft the release of their début EP Social Misfit at the start of the year which was a quick follow up to their début single, Happy Ever After, in November of 2017 immediately raised their profile locally which has resulted, ultimately, in an ever more full touring diary and word arrives an International tour is being pencilled in too.

Silhouette can only enhance their engagement with its solid, tight structure and delivery that finds the listener tapping their toes with the infectious melodies.

A short cross pan-Australia in August was announced on Sunday and worth booking in the diary if you are within reach. –

Thu Aug 16 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Fri Aug 17 – Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar, Sydney
Sat Aug 18 – Last Chance Bar, Melbourne
Fri Aug 24 – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth

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The Attics – Ultramarine – Single Review

The Australian indie quartet The Attics released the single Ultramine on the 6th.

The Attics

The Attics

Dipping spoons into trippy rock, indie dance and dreamwave rather than coming up with a recipe that satiates no-one The Attics are able, in Ultramine (available on bandcamp), to create a margin under three minutes of music which suits the diaspora of palates they invite to their table.

Fleet of foot on entering the room the track is able to to switch pace in swooping movements that affords a creamy consistency, while a pitching guitar gives the light headed mood through which the skippy beat of percussion proffers the lead to the dance-floor with the vocal centering the overall sound.

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The Vedettes – Silver – Single Review

The English indie quintet The Vedettes, having played their first live performance on the 12th released their début single – Silver – on the 24th.

The Vedettes

The Vedettes

I suppose, fairly typically of me, that with only two songs around I would find myself drawn more to the unreleased demo rather than the song that made the cut – however both demonstrate something slightly different.

The unreleased song Get Up is a compacted pacey composition that fires sharp punches out of the speakers.

The song that has been released – Silver – opens with an echoing guitar accompanied by thudding percussion prior to flowering in to a breezy indie-dance track of classic construct. A powerful and precise performance on drum-kit gives the song a beefy spine while the guitars and bass fade to support a spotlight on the voice, an extended bridge, which sees out the track once again affords instrumentation and in particular guitar an opportunity to shine.

Underpinning the mainstream sounds of Silver lay some players with self-evidently expressive talent and I wish The Vedettes every success in finding a means to allow those abilities to shine through and afford the quintet a point of difference in a style of music that is, otherwise, a crowded market place.

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