Overjoyed – Taxi Driver – Audio

The Swedish indie-rock trio Overjoyed are working towards the release of an EP for later in the year.

Overjoyed - Taxi Driver


Last appearing in the New Year Ninety, their new song, which came out a view hours ago, Taxi Driver, extrapolates their ability to create music which is able to fill the mind with good feelings, whilst simultaneously generating an undercurrent of reflective melancholia.

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The Slow Readers Club – Through The Shadows – Video

The English indie-rock band The Slow Readers Club release the LP Build A Tower on the 4th of May.

The Slow Readers Club - Through The Shadows

The Slow Readers Club

Those who are on top of the music scene in the UK may ponder ’emerging indie band’? Really, what about…? …Those of longer stay will also be aware that bands first featured when ’emerging’ are occasionally followed with features here and there to update on activity and The Slow Readers Club are one of those moments – a band who were first introduced in 2013.

Sadly they have an irritating habit of removing music within a short while of it being revealed, so have little faith this will still be around to hear within a couple of months, do catch it whilst you can, from the forthcoming album Through The Shadows – the sixth of the ten tracks – was caught in live performance.

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THE CATCH – Tie Dye – Single Review

The English indie-rock trio THE CATCH released the single Tie Dye on the 23rd.



A song (available on bandcamp) designed and executed to have you on your feet in a jiffy and join in with the infectious flow of furious guitar beat, laying against frenetic guitar and equally foot stomping bass through which a laid-back vocal takes its time to explore the narrative, giving the track a generous layer of breadth.

If one can find a section in track that is of particular joy when it is all over in less than two and a half minutes, it is when the guitar adds the effect of a xylophone (most prominently) between one minute and forty one seconds and twelve seconds later. I obiter dictum, when you catch it you will also be even more delighted.


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Mellor – Arms Length – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet Mellor release the single Arms Length on the 16th of February.

Mellor - photo by Neil Wheeler

Mellor – photo by Neil Wheeler

In what seems to be becoming a tradition of one feature about Mellor during the course of the calendar year, first in 2016, next in 2017 and now in 2018 as news arrives of a new release, will this change, I wonder?

Either way, always a delight to hear new music by Mellor and a pleasure to be able to feature Arms Length.

The sprightly sounds dance around the room on the back of tautly strung drum-skin, that rebounds as sharply as a pinball rubber, infecting the room with a sense of movement while guitars perform interweaving choreography as the bass tempts the listener on to the floor to join in with the track, while vocal, like a flamboyant orchestra conductor, sweeps flourishes of intonation to the composition, which resultingly much like their musical personalities and stage performances, leaves the audience smiling broadly with eyes twinkling in delight.

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TrueHeights – Exit Route – Video

The English indie-rock sextet TrueHeights release the EP Days We Found on the 13th of April.

TrueHeights - Photo credit - Fraser Taylor

TrueHeights – Photo credit – Fraser Taylor

An intriguing combination of three guitars, bass, drums, vocals and synth allows TrueHeights to deliver music which, whilst derived in metal also has a foot firmly anchored in indie dance, enabling them to create tunes with a distinctive point of difference.

The first song to appear from the EP, which is also the first of the five tracks on Days We Found, is Exit Route.


Days We Found – EP – TrueHeights is available on iTunes.*

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