Fossway – Parasite – Video

Fossway is an English indie-rock quartet.



A tad late to this as the release came out on the 29th of June, my apologies to one and all.

Parasite has a moody broodiness about it that looms through the room fed through the pulsing bass, while the rotations of the guitars gives the song a cinematic perspicacity that is matched by an equally capable voice with percussion providing the musculature to the composition.

I would find it unsurprising if Fossway were to become far more widely known in short order.

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Clones Of Clones – Drugz – Video

The US indie-rock quartet, Clone Of Clones, recently released the LP All The Things We Dreamed.

Clones Of Clones - Drugz

Clones Of Clones

The third of the eleven songs on the album – Drugz – is of more despondent mood than much of their music previously.

The slowly rotating track is given its shadowy shades through the both the slow pace and the clever pivoting of percussion and repetitious guitar, blurred by a bending synth which gives the music the sense of a discomforting hang-over.

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The Scuzzballs – Passed Out – Audio

The US indie-rock quartet The Scuzzballs released the LP Ooof today.

The Scuzzballs - photo credit - Lisha Colleen

The Scuzzballs – photo credit – Lisha Colleen

Wandering around the room with a retrospective air to the music, The Scuzzballs in Ooof (available on bandcamp) deliver a nine track album that transports the listener through the ages from Merseybeat influences to ’80s garage and ’90s indie, with more than a smattering of bang up to date currency.

Although not currently performing after Arfil Pajarillaga (Vocals / Guitar) moved to another part of the country this, their début LP, was predominately recorded after the move – news also arrives that they will be performing live in late October in their home town Cleveland and the possibility of a full revival in time is not discounted.

The second song is Passed Out.

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Delphina Kings – I’m Numb – Video

The English indie-rock quartet Delphina Kings release the EP Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work on the 6th of July.

Delphina Kings

Delphina Kings

A purring fuzz of guitar slips through the ears as Delphina Kings ease the listener to late ’80s indie with the never ending merge of the notes folding one in to the other and the listener finds themselves fondly recalling the Haçienda and the spirit of madchester.

The first of the four songs on the EP is the somewhat appropriately named I’m Numb.


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LOLA – Against The Tide – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet LOLA released the single Against The Tide on the 8th.



Having quickly made their presence felt since their formation just over a year ago – LOLA have balanced both recorded and live performance to enhance their audience both locally and further afield.

The latest track – Against The Tide – can only really build on their support as the combinations of their influences of indie-dance, brit-blues and rock all melt in to each other to deliver a song that sets its own marker and alienates neither those who enjoy the more pristine side of music and those of us who prefer our music to have a few rips and tears, rather – bringing all around the dance-floor.

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