Casual Friday

Kyle Frasca (Guitar / Vocals), Keith Carroll (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar),  Cengiz Najarian (Bass / Vocals) and Adam Tonner (Drums) from New Jersey in the USA form the indie-pop band of Casual Friday.

Casual Friday - indie-pop from the USA

Casual Friday

There is an engaging tonality to Casual Friday that can’t help but captivate the imagination as the quartet add fizz to the anodyne. Populist Prosecco bubbles are distilled with drips of acidic lyric as the band takes a new look at the label led pink froth of the likes of Green Day and invests it with a parodying reflective which is amongst a myriad of reasons I should not be recommending you spend any time with the material – surprisingly I find myself toe-tapping around the room in joyful abandon.

Casual Friday is able to take the white-picket fences of suburbia and pencil in graffiti that captivates as much as it polarises and much like opposites attract, so I find myself thinking you too will find a sense of pleasure by getting to know of the band.

Perhaps it is a generational gap but when a band chooses as a reference point of major label – ‘leashed rebels’ as a starting point, who in turn were a pale parody of the genre they wish to be associated, I am saddened. However not withstanding, I get the feeling that when Casual Friday drop the Corporatism there is a striking out-put just waiting to be unleashed that will remind more of The Ramones, rather than the plastic PR of Blink-182 and for this reason – I do recommend getting to know the band in their early days.

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Cheerleader from Philadelphia in the USA is the indie-pop quintet of Joe HallerChris DuranPaul ImpellizeriJosh Pannepacker and Carl Bahner.

Cheerleader - photo by Carrie Davenport-Photography

Cheerleader – photo by Carrie Davenport-Photography

The bashful cheekiness finds long lost dimples in the cheeks as Cheerleader take the freshness into the realm of Nivea Cream, but for that very naivety there is so much to enjoy.  The preppy effervescence reminds of a puppies desire to please but it the quintets ability to rail in the cloying neediness to add an element of back-bone which marks them out as a band to spend some time to explore.

Although having formed a few years back, through enforced break and a more recent reformation as a full band, it would be fair to say that Cheerleaders are new out of the blocks.

The quintet retain the zingy immaturity of the founding sparks, but as a unit are able to add some darkening embers which gives the music a depth and constituency which raises it far above the gloop. Although light-framed Cheerleaders have a sturdiness which allows them to capture the attention of the audience with well spaced compositions which are able to furl some earth around which would otherwise be pristine white pressed flares and is that juxtaposition of the disposable and the considered which they are able to negotiate, which makes this an out-fit of some joyful interest.


Cheerleader – EP – Cheerleader is available on iTunes*.

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Manic Pixi

Manic Pixi from Brooklyn in the USA is the indie-pop quartet of Kat Hamilton (Vocals), Emmett Ceglia (Drums), Marshall Biever (Guitar) and Drew Bastian (Bass).

Manic Pixi - indie-pop from the USA

Manic Pixi

Manic Pixi hurtle through the room like bunting in a tornado as the quartet blow away the clouds to reveal a sunny overhead sky. Whilst bouncy and smiling the quartet are far from anodyne as they combine gruff rock riffs, wall testing percussion, blasting bass and fully formed vocal with playful disposition.

There is an infectious enthusiasm and joie de vivre that leaves the audience enjoying the out-put for all the right reasons as they deftly balance raw edges with radio engagement – a bit like a lemon cheesecake – sweet and sharp – what more does music need?

Originally known as Sugar Bomb and having gone through various line-up changes I hope Manic Pixi find a period of stability to enable them to maximise the release of their highly enjoyable eleven track début LP – Sugar Bomb! which came out on the 16th.


Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes*.

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Youth Club

Youth Club an indie-pop band from Southend in England is Gerrard Duffield (Vocals), Rees Broomfield (Drums), Joseph Francisco White (Guitar) and Daniel Javier White (Guitar).

Youth Club - indie pop from England

Youth Club

Although relatively new as a unit, there is performance and recording experience within Youth Club, which is evident in their début four track plus four remixes EP –  Colours – which is scheduled for release on the 28th. Light on the ears and radio friendly, Youth Club have created a summery initial release. Whilst I find some of the sounds a little too ‘commercial’ for me there is also a connectedness to the music which plays well with the audience.

The music is of no specific geographically discernible location, which gives the band the potential for a wide international audience, though the vocals firmly place it as from England. At times ranging to the soulful, the next uplifting dance, Youth Club compose well structured pieces with the panache required to suit the style.

I look forward to hearing more of Youth Club as I am certain they have plenty more of the more moody textures inside themselves that personally resonate with me. Time will tell which direction they set their sail. Having experience in the band, should help them to steer clear of  loosing the heart and soul of the sound.

She’s a Dancer is the opener of the EP.

website (music begins immediately).

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The New Infection

The New Infection is Seamus (Vocals / Guitar), James (Lead Guitar), Ben (Drums) and Jeremy (Bass) an indie-pop rock band from London in England.

The New Infection - indie pop from England

The New Infection

The New Infections add a zing to the day. I am reminded of the likes of The Shh and The YuYa with their sounds that can’t help but make everything seem better. Adding some well constructed bass line gives the material a firm foundation on which electronics and instruments jump around like spring lamb inside a framework of a well defined percussion, the vocal completes the sprightly sounds.

Judging by the opening track on their scheduled EP and comparing this to earlier material The New Infection seem to be moving to a more techno pop feel from the more instrumental focus of previous pieces. However they play it, the band have the ability to make the most out of the ideas and deliver music which lives up to the bands name as the listener can’t help but be caught up in the infectious enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

In addition to the recordings The New Infection can be found regularly playing live, typically at present in and around London, but it shouldn’t be too long before they are given the opportunity to venture further afield.


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