Sloes – All in the Mind – Video

The English indie light quintet Sloes release the EP All In The Mind on the 16th of June.

Sloes - All in the Mind


When first introduced back in 2015 they regularly could be found busking in Shoreditch (London, England) and it is always a pleasure to follow bands during the course of the journey of development, though, necessarily by the nature of this website it does mean we drift further and further apart.

There still remains, within Sloes, vestiges of their starting point inside the title track and first of the five on the EP.

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AM Exchange – I Can’t Help Myself – Audio

AM Exchange is an indie-light project from the USA.

AM Exchange

AM Exchange

With a soundtrack that gently embrocates in to the eardrums the material would ordinarily be easy to pass-by with scant notice as it is fashioned to slot neatly in to radio playlists, barring for the fact there is an underlying burr of instrumentation which draws closer attention.

The latest reveal (available on bandcamp) is I Can’t Help Myself – I would suggest – a fair use of its one second under four minutes running time.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Sawyer – Ten Feet Tall – Video

Sawyer is an indie-light duo from the USA.



It has been a few months since Jelena last provided her thoughts on what she enjoys and a welcome return to her in 2017.

This track will NOT get out of my head! The melodic harmonies, the bouncy drumbeats, and the strong guitar riffs are so freaking empowering. But not only is the song good, the video’s a killer as well. The pastel colour pallet beautifully captures the duo in the act of painting a certain someone’s house pink. This tune evokes a certain part of myself that holds indie pop music close to my heart, regardless of the fact that my music taste has expanded, and if you also have a soft spot for indie pop, you’ll know what I mean once you hear the track.


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