SouthScope – What Went Wrong – Video

The Australian indie-gaze trio will be live launching their new single What Went Wrong in their home town, Sydney, at The Record Crate on September 21st.



The sound has moved on from their EP Hindsight which came out a year ago on the 18th with the new song having a luxurious fuzziness to the guitar which has softened and added texturing to their music.

Word arrives that a few songs have been recorded recently and it will be interesting to discover whether this is indicative of their current path or a one off idea.

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JEPH – Hey Baby – Video

JEPH is a relatively new indie-gaze quartet from England.



I have been able to listen to a handful of songs, the most recent of which Hey Baby surfaced on Friday.

JEPH create music of a summery-vibe with a vaguely trippy feel while underpinned by a dexterity of hand as the quartet are able to pull from three different voices and two six string guitars to create an amalgam of sound and while each song has a similarity of flavour they are all in their own way very different, making for an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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Future Myth – Evergreen – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US indie-gaze quartet Future Myth last featured.

Future Myth - Evergreen

Future Myth

The newest song to surface – Evergreen – finds the band in a more punchy mood with the listener finding themselves swaying to the uptempo soundtrack that is juxtaposed to the lyric of the travails of friendships.

Evergreen – Single – Future Myth is available on iTunes.*

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Ping Pong Club – Venetian Blinds – Audio

The Indonesian indie-gaze quartet Ping Pong Club released their début single Venetian Blinds on the 19th.

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

The blending of two synths has the effect of creating music which has a dreamy flow that minds of folding whipped cream in to melted chocolate and the listener finds their mind relaxing in to the luxurious textures of the song, the hazy guitar is stippled by a burbling percussion that gives the track a jazzy underpinning beat while the drifting vocal combinations hypnotise the audience.

Newly out of the blocks and other than this composition there is only a demo version of one other track around, though on the basis of the one fully produced Venetian Blinds and the engaging demo Skylight – a quartet I look forward to hearing more of in the near future.

The single was released as an original plus a remix version (with a guest bassist) and is available on bandcamp. A second remix of the song also surfaced yesterday, though is not on the release.

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The Spins – Car Crash – Audio

The US indie-gaze band The Spins are working towards the release of their début EP Tank’d.

The Spins

The Spins

Within the past five hours Car Crash – from the forthcoming EP was revealed.

There is a summer evening vibe that drifts through the room as vibrating electric guitar echoes through the ears underpinned by acoustic six stringer, providing a wistful instrumental narrative with percussion unhurriedly framing the notes, through which an expansive vocal paints dreamy imagery.

The inspired composition is provided an impressive and unexpected book-ending with the track opening to the sound of a car engine starting and closing with the reason for the song title.

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