LA River Bend – Mountain – Audio

The US indie-folk quartet LA River Bend are finalising details for their EP Run These Hills.

LA River Bend

LA River Bend

The latest track to surface from the five track EP, the second –  Mountain – is a multi-textured composition of rich tapestry in which the listener is invited to sink back in to their favourite armchair and allow the luxuriant blends of indie, folk and rock’n’roll to wrap around the mind.


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Plasticine Porters – Procrastination – Audio

The indie-folk duo Plasticine Porters from Northern Ireland will be releasing the EP Train Of Thought on the 30th.

Plasticine Porters

Plasticine Porters

With more than one scoop of ice-cream coming from the ’60s brit-rock tub – Plasticine Porters deliver music that has an easy flow of uncomplicated song structure flooded with dance steps and the listener can happily submerge themselves in the retro-flavours.

There is a saying that ‘less is more’ and Train Of Thought (available on bandcamp) is a perfect example as anything added to these individual songs would have been extraneous, though having said that –  having got in to the flow of the EP only having five songs to hear leaves the listener wishing there were a few more. My selection is the third track – Procrastination.

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Pilgrims’ Dream – Live Your Life – Audio

Pilgrims’ Dream is an indie-folk project from England.

Pilgrims' Dream

Pilgrims’ Dream

Occasionally songs surface and the most recent is Live Your Life.

A just over four an a half minutes of stirring acoustic guitar, keys and percussion stomps through the room while the calm harmonised vocal adds a soft brush to Live Your Life giving the track an intriguing balance and the extended bridge which appears about half-way through the song and again at the close splits the composition in to distinctive  elements.

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Falling Awake – Chemicals – Single Review

The US indie-folk duo Falling Awake released the single Chemicals on the 2nd.

Falling Awake

Falling Awake

My apologies to all concerned, as although this article is being written on the 2nd you won’t see this until the 9th, such is the wondrous melange of material that is filtering through the email inbox at present – however – I am a firm believer of better late than never.

Chemicals has a sonorous acoustic guitar and vocal combination which revolves slowly around the room whilst an underpinning hum of bowed strings gives the piece an ethereal texture as subtly placed muffled percussion adds to the layering of the dreamy flow of the just over three and a half minute track.

Having taken a listen to the Falling Awake back-catalogue of material which is typically of boisterous spikiness making Chemicals something of an aberration, however, a welcome one at that as it does demonstrate their prowess at handling a tender peach and being able not to bruise it.

Word arrives of an LP in the wings and it will be interesting to discover which set of brushes they bring to the album.

Chemicals – Single – Falling Awake is available on iTunes*


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