Gemini Sun – The Lines We Draw – Video

Gemini Sun is an England based indie-dream project.

Gemini Sun - The Lines We Draw - artwork

Gemini Sun – The Lines We Draw – artwork

Recently to surface was the five track EP The Lines We Draw – a spacious synth driven soundtrack that cradles the listener gently in a creamy flow of harmonies.

Not seeking to upturn any apple-carts Gemini Sun is nonetheless able to deliver music which is able to hold attention with its soft focus layering of electronica and vocal.

The title track and middle of the EP being my pick of the release.


The Lines We Draw – EP – Gemini Sun is available on iTunes.*

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Rival Island – Start Again – Single Review

The US indie-dream duo Rival Island released the single Start Again on the 12th.

Rival Island - Start Again - artwork

Rival Island – Start Again – artwork

The latest track to surface (available on bandcamp) continues the theme of their last feature with a hazy flow of blurry guitar that fills the room with feel-good factor as Rival Island invite the audience to slow-step with a partner across the dance-floor with a nod to the finest of ’50s rock’n’roll.

Those of sharper eye for detail may have noticed that the accompanying artwork for the single is entitled See You There – one can only cross fingers and toes in expectation that this sign-posts a new LP is on its way.

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