Victory Lap – The Afterlife – Single Review

Victory Lap is the indie-dance project of Alex Badham from Australia.

Victory Lap

Victory Lap

With considerable experience as both a musician and music video director, the début single of the solo project – The Afterlife ( which came out on the 23rd and available on bandcamp) – evidences of a songwriter and arranger who knows one end of a song from the other.

Multilayered instrumentation, synth and percussion are moulded in to exotic shapes and – rather than becoming overly complex – fold themselves around the vocal – giving the listener a sound in which they step on to the dance-floor and sway with the funky beat, or lean back and allow the dreamy washes to flush through the mind.

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Jason Waterfalls – Oceans – Video

The indie-dance quartet, from The Netherlands, Jason Waterfalls – released the single Oceans on the 27th of September.

Jason Waterfalls

Jason Waterfalls

Whilst Oceans is predominately a lightly textured composition Jason Waterfalls are able to fray the hemlines with inflections of scrawling rock allowing the song to hold the interest, of those of us who like their music to be a more scuffed DMs than polished slip-ons, alongside those after a more user-friendly experience.


Oceans – Single – Jason Waterfalls is available on iTunes.*

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AMZY – I’m Right Here – Audio

Amzy is a US indie-dance quartet.



Their latest EP, Worlds Of Our Own,  is a five track release to bring out for a bright summer evening dance party as the quartet offer music that doesn’t challenge the listener with complexity, rather leaves them enjoying the froth and bubbles of life.

The penultimate track – I’m Right Here – is the heaviest on the EP.


Worlds of Our Own – EP – AMZY is available on iTunes.*

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Kaskelott – Chameleon – Audio

The Swedish indie-dance quartet Kaskelott released the EP Cocoon on the 31st of March.

Kaskelott - Artwork by Marie Herzog

Kaskelott – Artwork by Marie Herzog

Working in a style of music rarely featured, the fact that this is Kaskelott‘s third feature on the site indicates that they have more to offer than is typical in a crowded market place. The four track EP threads its way through a wide soundscape as the quartet once again demonstrate their abilities to write songs containing deep texturing and deftly handled mood changes.

My selection from Cocoon is the closer Chameleon, which is a luxurious wash of synthesiser counterbalancing the tightly packed bass and drum from which a hazy guitar delivers wafts of smoky flavour as the vocals keep all the elements in order.

Cocoon – EP – Kaskelott is available on iTunes.*

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The Lunas – Until I’m Dead – Single Review

The Lunas is a Canadian indie-dance quartet struggling for affirmation of precisely when they will release the EP – A Curious Life.

The Lunas

The Lunas

Despite having a fist full of butter knives to hand The Lunas don’t over burden the listener and the latest track, Until I’m Dead, which came out within the past twenty four hours is a decent starting point to get to know the music.

Not aiming to generate a uniqueness of landscape, preferring to generate their own elbow room within a jostling table, The Lunas are able to create songs which capture the ear of those merely passing by, as they, in the just under three minutes of Until I’m Dead, deliver a song of well measured tempo changes and chord switches which swoon the listener.


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