The Lunas – Until I’m Dead – Single Review

The Lunas is a Canadian indie-dance quartet struggling for affirmation of precisely when they will release the EP – A Curious Life.

The Lunas

The Lunas

Despite having a fist full of butter knives to hand The Lunas don’t over burden the listener and the latest track, Until I’m Dead, which came out within the past twenty four hours is a decent starting point to get to know the music.

Not aiming to generate a uniqueness of landscape, preferring to generate their own elbow room within a jostling table, The Lunas are able to create songs which capture the ear of those merely passing by, as they, in the just under three minutes of Until I’m Dead, deliver a song of well measured tempo changes and chord switches which swoon the listener.


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The Night Café – The Way Of Mary – Audio

The Night Café, the English indie-dance quartet, release their début EP Get Away From The Feeling this week.

The Night Café - The Way Of Mary

The Night Café

On a bright and sunny morning as I type, The Way Of Mary suits the sunshine with the sparkle of guitar and fleetness of foot in the upbeat tempo that spins around the room in good humour.

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Sera – Doctor – Audio

The Australian indie-dance trio Sera releases the EP Call Me Up on the 17th.



One of the songs that will be on the release will be Doctor.

Sometimes just hanging your recently showered hair to drip dry in its own good time as you contemplate on the good things in life, is a moment to relish, this is a track to put alongside that playlist as that moment arises.

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Overjoyed – Downer – Single Review

Overjoyed is a Swedish indie-dance trio.



Within the past fifteen hours their latest track Downer surfaced. If there were awards for the song-title / sound oxymoron – Downer would most assuredly be on the shortlist.

The bubbles of the trio of Overjoyed sparkle around the room as though shot through a Bren Gun and the listener finds themselves happily dancing in bright party mood as the driving percussion pulls – like a puppeteer – at the limbs with glittering guitars bouncing reflective prisms from the walls as the vocal spins the audience in joyful abandon.

I have heard whispers that Overjoyed have set time aside later in the year to head in to the Studio to complete recording their début LP – a release I am already set for getting hold of some new dancing pumps.

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Timshel from Vassa in Finland is the indie-dance sextet of Markus Bergfors (Vocals / Guitar), Patrick Stenbacka (Bass), Olli Nousiainen (Guitar), Petter Erikslund (Drums), Daniel Ventus (Keys) and Sebastian Jacobson (Multi-instrumentalist).

Timshel - indie-dance from Finland


Skipping around the room like a Spring Lamb I find myself in enthral of Timshel, who are able to harness the multifarious angles of projection to a cohesion which just leaves the brain freshly showered. Folk, pop and rock combine into the soundscape that the sextet offer to the ears.

A lightness of touch gives the music an uplight, whilst songs of consternation gives the tracks a sonorous intensity that captivates the mind and Timshel is able to deliver tracks which offer a subtlety of touch which belies the number in the line-up. Rather than using the dexterity to produce volume, they use it to deliver flecks of colour which intoxicate the mind.

The compositions are smartly packaged, but on taking time to unwrap the glossy paper the listener is able to find music which has a heart and soul.

With a decent catalogue behind them, the most recent single – Halfway To Anywhere, which came out on the 17th a adds another fine touch to the library of sounds.


Halfway To Anywhere – Single – Timshel is available on iTunes.*

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