Layer Cake – Keep Me Awake – Audio

The Australian indie-dance quartet Layer Cake are currently finalising details for their début and eponymous EP, currently planned for release early next year.

Layer Cake

Layer Cake

The one and only track which is around Keep Me Awake has the listener searching the shoe-cupboard for a pair of black and white wingtips to join in with the retro-dance-steps, while grinning from ear to ear lost in the fuzzy guitar and infectious melodies.

I look forward to hearing more in short order.

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Ivory Wave – Frankie – Single Review

The quintet of George Johnson (Vocals), Connor McMinn (Guitar), Luke Morris (Bass), Rob Clarke (Keys) and Seb Baldwin (Drummer) who form the indie-dance band from Birmingham in England –  Ivory Wave – released the single Frankie on the 14th.

Ivory Wave - photo by Laura Benwell

Ivory Wave – photo by Laura Benwell

Having introduced Ivory Wave earlier this year, with some enthusiasm on hitting play, not being well disposed towards vocoders the opening phrases had me scratching my head in doubt, only for that to rapidly be dispelled as Frankie soon flowers in to a a trippE track which would not have been out of place at The Haçienda.

The synth melts in to the instrumentation to create a spiralling psychedelia of cascaded rock from which the vocal drifts in and out of focus, demanding of an immediate replay. An extended 12″ dayglo yellow vinyl version would not be unwelcome either.

Frankie – Single – Ivory Wave is available on iTunes.*

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Dancing On Tables – Colour Me Good – Single Review

Dancing On Tables, the indie-dance quintet of Robbie McSkimming, Callum Thomas, Hamish Finlayson, Gregor Stobie and Michael Waterworth from Dunfermline in Scotland, released the single Colour Me Good on the 14th.

Dancing On Tables

Dancing On Tables

Having fast grown an audience with their user friendly tunes, in Colour Me Good the quintet have challenged themselves to work within a slightly different sphere, while not wishing to alienate their existing fanbase and have been able to transition successfully.

Their earlier catalogue I find a little featherweight of texture and stay for my personal taste, though ideal to penetrate the radio market they were aiming to secure. Colour Me Good, while still music for easy moments has more depth and a less formulaic structure affording the song a more natural flow and a measure of connectivity making for a release I do recommend adding to the birthday bash playlist.

Whether this marks a slightly new direction for the quintet or a one-off foray- time will tell.


Colour Me Good – Single – Dancing On Tables is available on iTunes.*

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Call It Off – Young – Video

It has been three years since Call It Off, the indie-dance band from the Netherlands last featured.

Call It Off - photo credit - Emily Parry Photography

Call It Off – photo credit – Emily Parry Photography

Once again they fill the room with a summery vibe in their latest release Young, which was recently captured in live performance. The addition of keys has allowed Call It Off to add an additional flavour to the packet of sweets they offer.

Young – Single – Call It Off is available on iTunes.*

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Oh Pep! – What’s The Deal With David? – Video

The Australian indie-dance duo Oh Pep! will be releasing the LP I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You on the 26th of October.

Oh Pep! - photo credit - @ebruyildiz

Oh Pep! – photo credit – @ebruyildiz

Carving out plenty of space for themselves in what is otherwise a very crowded area the fiddle and mandolin enable Oh Pep! to create music which, whilst is ideal at summer beach barbecues, is of intricate and absorbing folksy texturing.

The first song to surface from the ten track album (available directly from their website) is the fifth – What’s The Deal With David?.


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