Tenderhooks – All I Have – Audio

This iteration of Tenderhooks relates to the Australian mellow-rock quartet from Melbourne. Despite the many thousands of bands and musicians featured – duplicate naming, surprisingly enough, is rarely a consideration with barely a handful in total even going back to the last decade on the original site – Indie Bands Blog.

Tenderhooks - Melbourne


For some reason Tenderhooks is out on its own with this being uniquely a triplication – one also Australian (Perth) – the other from England, despite having the same name, each are very different.

Tenderhooks released their début LP, Headcase, towards the end of last month (available on bandcamp). It would be mistakenly and easily possible to dismiss the music as background pedestrian footfall on hitting play. To do so would be to miss a treat as by allowing any of the six tracks to unfurl its first few bars the listener finds themselves completely absorbed in the mystical melting compositions – my pick of which is the third – All I Have.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 70 to 61

Emerging Indie Bands continues on memory of my partner Julie Norbury who died in September 2011 aged 39 and is a continuation of Indie Bands Blog. The New Year Ninety, as always, is dedicated to Julie, the co-founding partner who had immense appreciation for musical creatives.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

70. El Jardin Del Hospital (Mexico)

69. Victoria Moralez (Sweden)

Love – Single – Victoria Moralez is available on iTunes.*

68. The Pink Flowers (Canada)

67. East End Lovers (England)

L.O.V.E? – Single – East End Lovers is available on iTunes.*

66. Dialects (Scotland)

65. KatjA Luhtala (Finland)

64. 奇妙礼太郎トラベルスイング楽団 (Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra) (Japan)

63. The Lovely Intangibles (USA)

62. Electric Guitars (Denmark)

Electric Guitars – Electric Guitars featuring Soren Andersen & Mika Vandborg is available on iTunes.*

61. The Geeks (The Philippines)

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 70 to 61

Every day as I fire up the computer to review music submissions – I am  reminded of the founding co-partner of – the Indie Bands Blog started back in 2009 – who will for ever be – 39. Love and thanks as always to Julie Norbury.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

The New Year Ninety Chart 2015 – seventy to sixty-one.

70. Buzz Kull (Australia)

Dreams – Single – Buzz Kull is available on iTunes.*

69. Affairs (England)

68. Morning Fuzz (USA)

Chasing Ghosts – Morning Fuzz is available on iTunes.*

67. Bayonet (England)

My View – EP – Bayonet is available on iTunes.*

66. The Yetis (USA)

65. The Rungs (USA)

64. Pipsqueak (USA)

63. Nice Power (France)

62. Clay Dudash (USA)

Keep You Company – EP – Clay Dudash is available on iTunes.*

61. The Vex (England)

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Violet Class – Out On the Tyles – Video

Violet Class from England is a band I did write about in 2013 – an article you will never find for reasons of technology hiccups.

Violet Class

Violet Class

As you may well have noticed every related Social Media Page and related business activity is named IBB or Indie Bands Blog – yet the url is nothing to do with that brand name.

After four years of putting up with me constantly attempting to destroy the database in July 2103 I finally managed to break the tech and a new website had to start, or loose the old articles. I chose the former and the vast majority of previous reviews remain

Though much of Indie Bands Blog was retrieved there were about twenty forward scheduled reviews lost forever and Violet Class were one of them.

With fortitude I find a new video for a new song – Out On The Tyles.

One day there may be the head-space to find the right moment to write what I have written before and resurrect those missing reviews, though those who know me, equally know that rewriting is not something I really have any conviction or patience to undertake, which is why every review is written on a one take as I listen to the music, typed directly on to the website and set for a publication time immediately thereafter – replete with typographic errors.

So, a very belated apology to VividRiot and Violet Class – finally an article – not as first intended – but finally published.


Out On the Tyles – Single – Violet Class is available on iTunes*

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Blaire Alise & The Bombshells – I Got Something – Video

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, from the USA, have their debut LP planned for release in the spring of this year, which I will review once I have a pre-release copy to hand.

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells - I Got Something

Blaire Alise & The Bombshells

I have been keeping my eyes out for a while now for a full video rather than live performance, so it was good to see that on Friday a new video appeared for I Got Something taken from the single Run & Hide (which is available on iTunes*).

I was doubly wreathed in smiles to see the same style of microphone as features in the Indie Bands Blog logo appearing in the video… little touches please little minds…..

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