Begum from Delhi in India is – Kshitij Dhyani (Bass), Karan Singh (Drums / Keys) and Kartik S Pillai (Guitar / Vocals) – a band of eclecticism.

Begum - eclecticism from India


Confluences of psychedelia, tradition, reggae, rock, experimentalism and more meets at Begum and the resulting out-put is somewhere to spend many a happy moment. Formed last year, their début ten track LP Bagh appeared last month and is a tour of much variety.

The trio do not chain themselves to any one idea and this flexibility means that each track serves a highlight to the style each and every-time as they rarely come back to explore the same idea again. The deftness of touch displayed by Begum is a testament to their observational style, though one doesn’t feel as though listening to compositions that hold no relationship to the emotional consideration of the players rather a reality of their very connectivity with disparity.

Surprisingly Begum is, at present, more of a side-project than core focus with each member being involved with other things, which perhaps means the longevity of the band is in question. For now, with fortune – it does exist and producing music that adds much to the tapestry, long may they decide to work with each other.


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The Koniac Net

The Koniac Net from Mumbai in India is the rock quintet of David Abraham (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jason D’Souza (Guitar / Vocals), Aaron Dmello (Guitar), Adil Kurwa (Bass) and Karun Kannampilly (Drums).

The Koniac Net - rock from India

The Koniac Net

A kaleidoscope of colours reflect across the walls as The Koniac Net deliver measured and retrospective mellowing moods of sound. Whilst gently steeped, the compositions are not tepid, as the quintet invest numerous layers within the tracks that engage the audience in the flowing aural delights.

Bass and percussion form a solid spine to the music, around which, the guitars are given the space and time to inveigle the ears with glistening distractions, whilst, the vocal guides the pieces along distinguishable paths. Although very easy on the audience, there is plenty of activity to warrant replays of tracks to explore further the spread of ideas.

The Koniac Net have mastered the art of delivering music which has a gentle timbre, while simultaneously adding sufficient seasoning to serve up an intriguing blend of sounds to keep the listener engaged and wanting to come back for a second helping.

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Unohu from Mumbai in India is the alt-rock trio of Sarthak Karkare (Vocals / Guitar),  Yohann Coutinho (Bass) and Shashwat Karkare (Drums).

Unohu - alt-rock from India


Well driven sounds nail themselves into the ears as Unohu deliver songs which would sit well anywhere you can find a rock audience. The trio are able to give themselves room to negotiate the compositions which have a spaciousness to them that fools the ears to thinking there must be more than three players.

The music is both steeped in melody and driving impetus, giving the band a solid platform from which to develop the textures, resulting in the listener receiving well conceived and developed pieces of music which immediately capture attention.

A couple of years behind them Unohu have been honing their craft in live performance and their debut EP a four track – Asunder only appeared in June. Through allowing themselves time to establish their skills, the trio have been able to deliver a fine primary release, which both texturally and in range sets the band in good stead to establish a far broader international audience. The selected songs demonstrate both the ability and spaciousness of Unohu.

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Lagori is an alt-rock band from Bangalore in India comprising Tejas Shankar (Vocals), Geeth Vaz (Electric / Acoustic Guitar),  Edward Rasquinha (Acoustic Guitar), Shalini Mohan (Bass) and Vinyl Kumar (Drums / Shakers / Cajon).

Lagori - Alt-rock from India


Taking influences from various regions across India and western rock, whilst singing in Hindi Lagori, provides the audience with a delightful resulting out-put which for it’s very inclusiveness has an international flavour that resonates with audiences regardless of language comprehension.

The gently filtered tracks are from time to time interspersed by the presence of metal focussed pieces, which roar out of the speakers. For fans of world music Lagori make a space which makes genuine sense as it offers an extending hand regardless of location. The quintet all take time to provide backing vocals, which gives the music considerable vocal dexterity and the combinations of acoustic and electric guitars sitting alongside traditional percussion adds a further texture of interest.

Although combining such disparate influences, the resulting compositions do not come across as hashes of nothingness, rather hint at familiarity and simultaneously new sounds, allowing the audience to enjoy the freshness and open welcome being offered to the ears.


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Still Rhyming

Still Rhyming is the hip-hop duo of Doak 17 and Rhymez Disguised from Dimapur in India.

Still Rhyming - hip hop from India

Still Rhyming

There is a subtle sound that Still Rhyming deliver, which is something of a surprise given the genre and it is the melodic compositions that mark out the duo as well worth spending time to get to know.

The lyrics, whilst reflective of injustices, are equally inclusive and looking for a path through the conundrums of life. This thoughtful process allows Still Rhyming to create music which has a strangely calming effect and is far from typical of hip-hop, perhaps chill-zone rap would be a better genre definition.

Whilst predominately deploying looped beats, as to be anticipated, the duo also introduce on some tracks the sounds of piano, which demonstrate their desire and ability to scope new ground within the style and it works particularly well.

In a sector of music that I normally find difficulty in engaging, I am looking forward to hearing far more by Still Rhyming in the future.


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