In Vivid

In Vivid is the ambient-electronics vehicle for Benjamin Snook from Lawrence, Kansas in the USA.

In Vivid - ambient-electronica from the USA

In Vivid

There is an easy flow to the sounds that filter across the room as the subdued electronics fill the spaces with layer upon layer of reflectivity. In Vivid utilises vocoders to give the scant voices a spectral figurative, which suits well with the elemental nature of the sounds, which in itself is a surprise as all the soundscapes are electronically created.

It is through the softer tonality of analogue synthetics that In Vivid is able to produce music which has you leaning back as though inside a floating chamber in to which the striking postulations can and do add moments of jarring of panic, affording the material a sense of impending disquiet.

It has taken me some little while to get round to writing this article as Benjamin and I have been exchanging emails of different conversation – me asking for a social media page or website for In Vivid and he continually replying it is his work alone as a solo performer. Those who have exchanged conversations with me know that once I have replied to something I delete it and somehow we ended up with a disparate thread as my question remained unanswered as far as I was concerned, but had been replied to else where – somehow this minds of the music, which weaves incongruous ideas into a warming melt of sound.

My apologies to both you and Benjamin that this has taken so long – but now is the time to draught large quaffs of the ambient-electronica that is In Vivid.

There is no social media page or In Vivid website.

Resplendent is available on bandcamp.

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