Holy Monitor – Soothing Water – Audio

The quintet of George Nikas (Vocals / Guitar), Stefanos Mitsis (Guitar), Alex Bolpasis (Bass), Vangelis Mitsis (Keys) and Dimitris Doumouliakas (Drums) from Athens (Greece) who form the dark-psychedelia band Holy Monitor released the LP II on the 12th.

Holy Monitor - Photo by Mariza Kapsabeli

Holy Monitor – Photo by Mariza Kapsabeli

The seven track, approximately thirty seven minutes, album (available on bandcamp), fills the room with thundery clouds of motorik beat which they are able to bend away from the angularity of pace with the bleeding electronica to create music that even given its dour shadowing finds the audience laying in supine relaxing comfort gazing with glassy eyes at indistinct shapes on the ceiling as the tracks weave their mysterious journey through the mind.

Soothing Water is the penultimate track.

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Meliorist – My Reflection – Video

The Australian mathematical-metal quintet Meliorist release the EP ii. on the 1st of December.

Meliorist - ii. - artwork

Meliorist – ii. – artwork

A phantasmagorical soundtrack envelopes the room as eviscerating death-metal conjoins with the sharp angularity of maths-rock as it darts around the listener like a snarling Crocodylus porosus sizing up its prey with which to play as the flashing jaws of steel clamp down on the limbs with a jocular tail hurtling the audience in to the air and, akin to a skilled juggler, tumbling the resultant bodies in ordered rotation, prior to tiring of the playtime and concluding with a maceration of limbs squeezing in to the gullet.

The middle of the five tracks on ii. (available on bandcamp) is My Reflection.


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