New Year Ninety 2018 – 70 to 61

Sadly once again in the New Year Ninety chart some bands featured no longer exist, in next years chart I would anticipate many are not yet formed.

Emerging Indie Bands is here to shine a spotlight on those bright lights in the sky at a moment in time no matter how fleeting the appearance.

The Franklys - New Year Ninety 2018

The Franklys

70. CWM (England)

69. The Franklys (Based in England)

68. Tiger Love (England)

67. Blanco White (England)

Colder Heavens – EP – Blanco White is available on iTunes.*

66. Spencer Robinson & The Wolf Spiders (USA)

65. King Ziggy (England)

The Gypsy – King Ziggy is available on iTunes.*

64. Sixteen Jackies (USA)

Movie Was Bad – EP – Sixteen Jackies is available on iTunes,*

63. The Hemingways (England)

Never Alone – Single – The Hemingways is available on iTunes.*

62. Melvv (USA)

Lifeline (feat. Dana Williams) – Melvv is available on iTunes.*

61. The Purcells (USA)

Words Can’t Say is available on bandcamp.

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CWM – Raised As Wolves – Single Review

CWM is a relatively new English dark-rock quartet.



Only a couple of songs are around, both of fairly dark outline though one, Icebreaker, is punchier than other, the more recent Raised As Wolves, which has a more nuanced texturing to it affording the quartet to shine as creative songwriters due to its multitudes of layers that float through the room as it casts an ethereal dreamy presence towards which the listener finds themselves vainly reaching out to embrace the curling echoes as they drift past.

It is difficult to comprehend CWM have only recently got together and on the basis of the two tracks, particularly, to my mind, the latter, will find many more people speaking at least one word of Welsh more than they knew in the past – though to be fair – having not asked about the intended pronunciation, perhaps each individual letter stands on its own.

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Slang – Nonsuch – Video

Sometimes life needs some drama and the theatrical-rock creator Slang from Canada is ideal for such moments.

Slang - Icebreaker - artwork

Slang – Icebreaker – artwork

From the LP Icebreaker the ninth of the dozen tracks – a song which minds me of  the track The Eve Of The War on the 1978 release of the musical of War Of The Worlds composed by Jeff WayneNonsuch.


Ice Breaker – Slang is available on iTunes.*

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