From New Orleans in the USA come Kara StaffordJohn St. Cyr and Ian Paine-Jesam who form the fractal-rock band Woozy.

Woozy - fractal-rock from the USA


Akin to watching a snake sloughing their outer coat Woozy create music which peels layer after layer of composition each, like a Russian Doll, a perfect formation in itself. The trio are able to transition themselves through each bar to an alternative shape leaving the audience transfixed by the evolving clouds of sound.

Extensive use of flats and sharps enable Woozy to add a further dimension, that captivates the ears, as they collide with each other mid-stroke before becoming subsumed by a further fulcrum of unfurling composition. Whilst there is an air of experimentalism they do not push the envelope beyond the realms of anticipated musical construct allowing the listener to easily latch on to the activity as Woozy test concentration levels.

With a few EPs behind them dating back to 2012 it wasn’t until October of last year that their début LP, the ten track Blistered, surfaced and this will, with fortune, raise their profile as Woozy is best heard in long loping loops of delivery when the audience can hit play once and settle back to listen to the evolution of the creativity.

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