Statement – I Wonder Why – Video

Jannick Brochdorf (Vocal), Niels Alex Larsen (Lead Guitar / Vocal), Lars Ulrik Le Fevre (Guitar / Vocal), Martin Poulsen (Bass) and Daniel Nielsen (Drums) from Copenhagen (Denmark) who form the rock band Statement are finalising details for a forthcoming LP.



The track I Wonder Why, from the forthcoming album, was also made available as a standalone single on the 19th.

The opening phrases set the listener on to a heavy-metal mindset as guitar sets up the anticipated thunderous roar, only for Statement to take the listener on a completely different direction of travel by revealing a tempered rock ballad in to which the audience quickly settles as the quintet deliver a song with both passages of tenderness as well as furious pace all within the framework of their signature sound of multilayered texturing.


I Wonder Why – Single – Statement is available on iTunes.*

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