Cha:dy – I Want It All – Audio

Cha:dy is an England based French rhythm and blues creator.



Taking a style of music dating back over many decades Cha:dy is able to flush new ideas from the roots with her emotive riven soul interpretation set to spearing vocal which spirals across the room accompanied by an electro-jazz keys undertow as blousey guitar provides the pivot and raising the compositions far above the rafters discovering the audience wrapped in their own hidden-inner thoughts in hushed silence.

The latest track to surface is I Want It All.

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Deer – I Want It All – Video

It has been a year since the Hong Kong based trip-hop duo Deer were introduced.

Deer - I Want It All


Their first song of the year has been made available as a live video.

I Want It All has everything in it that makes Deer such a fascinating duo. Like slowly moving trebuchets being wheeled to the castle walls the looping electronic beats dispassionately rotate round the ears, whilst the voice circles around the head in equal menace before distorted guitar joins in to the rising sense of the impending siege of deafening silence and for me, the palpable pounding in the ears that results when the sounds abruptly stop, forms part of the track.

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