Sauropod – I Know Where You’ve Been – Single Review

The Norwegian funky-sludge trio Sauropod released the single I Know Where You’ve Been a few hours ago.

Sauropod - photo credit Philippe Guihéneuf

Sauropod – photo credit Philippe Guihéneuf

The slapped strings surface in to the room in splodges of mud in to which the listener dives head first, while the off beat of the track gives the song their signature swaggering funky vibe as the vocal flashes through the room akin to a lighthouse lamp as it snaps in and out of focus with the resonating deep tones of I Know Where You’ve Been rattling the speakers off their anchors rounding out a song that bears immediate replay to fully enjoy the range of the dynamics of frequencies within its two hundred and seventeen seconds duration.


I Know Where You’ve Been – Sauropod is available on iTunes.*

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