Hailey Livingston – Clap Black – LP Review

Hailey Livingston is an RnB creator from Los Angeles (USA) who released the LP Clap Back on the 11th.

Hailey Livingston
Hailey Livingston

An eleven track album which contemplates the complexities of interpersonal relationships with friends, lovers and family.

This is an atypical recommendation to the music typically featured and although instinctively not something I would typically recommend, particularly with numerous tracks adding vocoder effects, which, as longer stay readers always finds me antagonistic, I do strongly suggest adding to the playlist of ‘essential bookmarks of life in the ’10s’.

The sheer depth of emotional connectivity makes Clap Back an album of its time with a narrative of contemporary confusions of life in a world contrasted by pixelated and physical relationships.

The three, to me, stand out tracks of the eleven on the album are the opener Meet Cute, which sets the tone for the release as a whole with its heady fires of early day relationship expectation and latter day confusion.

The sixth song – I don’t Hate Men?, a piano led composition, is a more melancholic and jaded perspective of disappointment and abusive power imbalance.

My pick of the release being the penultimate song, Elegy, which though of sad countenance recalls fondest memories of strong familial ties.

Clap Back – Hailey Livingston is available on iTunes.*

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