Only The Reign – I Am – Audio

Only The Reign is a Welsh acoustic-folk duo.

Only The Reign

Only The Reign

Earlier this month they released their latest LP, the six track, Tea Tree.

An album marked by harmonies which swim through the ears akin to a school of fish in ever changing shapes and flows leaving the listener enraptured by the hypnotic melodies. It is unsurprising that Only The Reign can regularly be caught in live performance with an ever growing audience and a delight they are able to find time to put together recorded material for those of us not within reach of their gigs.

By way of an introduction to a duo I look forward to hearing more from in short order – the second song on the album – I Am.

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Tea Tree – EP – Only The Reign is available on iTunes.*

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Fiona Corinne – I Am – Audio

Fiona Corinne is a piano-blues creator from the USA.

Fiona Corine - Photo credit - Michele

Fiona Corine – Photo credit – Michele

Not for the last time this year I offer an apology for delay in getting to an article of a release sent to me a while ago – this from early December 2016.

A seventeen track, approximately one hour and and three minutes LP – Here’s to My surfaced on the 10th of December and investing time in the the album is not time you will find squandered.

The more than ably played and scored pianoforte is counterpointed by an arching vocal that lays in opposition to the notes surfacing and will either have you banging your head on the nearest surface as a cacophony of screeching lyrical noise assails your ears, or be delighted by the juxtapositions – which quite evidently by the fact I have suggested spending more than an hour in company informs you that as always – if it is featured I am supportive – ergo I am all in favour of the music created by Fiona Corinne.

The third track is I Am.


Here’s to My – Fiona Corinne is available on iTunes.*

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The Blue Side Band – I Am – Video

The Blue Side Band is an alt-rock quintet from Greece.

The Blue Side Band - I Am

The Blue Side Band

With the repertoire of instrumentation available to The Blue Side Band they are able to stretch their material across a wide canvass.

I Am finds the quartet in a particularly melancholic mood and the unfussy percussion / double bass combination sets the atmosphere for the track, to which delightfully echoed guitar notes ring out as though surfacing through the mist. The almost unheard acoustic guitar resides with the vocal giving the voice a deeper resonance and richness.

Delivered at lower registers and steady pace I Am is track overflowing with a dark cloak in which the listener can thrill to the menace.

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