Freaks Of The Sea – Hypocrite – Single Review

Freaks Of The Sea is a sardonic-pop duo from the USA.

Freaks Of The Sea

Freaks Of The Sea

Within the past ten hours their latest track has surfaced, the sardonically named Hypocrite, which finds a lyrical barrage railing against the ‘pop’. A song that can’t but help raise a smile for the assuredness and deftness of foot in taking a step outside their own boundaries to use those ‘four chords’ and deliver a track that is as ‘capable’ as anything in the mainstream, whilst simultaneously tearing holes in itself for its own absurdity.

In due course I will return to Freaks Of The Sea when they resolve to their more natural territory of luxurious nu-soul.


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Jamblu – Hypocrite pt 2 – Audio

The Indian dystopian-edm project of Kartik PillaiJamblu – released the two track single Hypocrite on the 2nd.

Jamblu - Hypocrite Pt1&2 - artwork

Jamblu – Hypocrite Pt1&2 – artwork

With tracks being named simply Hypocrite pt 1 and pt 2 – my pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the haunting Hypocrite pt 2, which also features Hashback Hashish – longer stay readers will recall his name.


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