New Year Ninety 2017 – 20 to 11

Now reaching the thick end of the New Year Ninety 2017 chart –  in to the top twenty countdown from 20 to 11.

I would like to make a special reference to my co-founding partner – Julie Norbury –  of the original site in the last decade – who died in 2011 – as always my inspiration for keeping writing music reviews.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

20. Harry Howard And The NDE (Australia)

Pretty – Harry Howard and the NDE is available on iTunes.*

19. Kabreet (Syria)

18. V.I.S.-VOX (Macedonia)

Songs You’ve Always Wanted to Hear, But You Couldn’t Find! – V.I.S. Vox is available on iTunes.*

17. Love Ghost (USA)

16. Hunter & The Bear (England)

Won’t You Ever Come Home is available on Amazon.*

15. Shambolics (Scotland)

14. Dappled Cities (Australia)

Many Roads – Dappled Cities is available on iTunes.*

13. Levy & The Oaks (USA)

12. Thee Open Sex (USA)

Splits is available on Bandcamp

11. Jordana Lilly (USA)

Step into the Light – Jordana Lilly is available on iTunes.*

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Hunter & The Bear – I Am What I Am – Audio

The English blues-rock outfit Hunter & The Bear are set to release their début LP in May.

Hunter & The Bear - I Am What I Am

Hunter & The Bear

Most recently to be revealed from the forthcoming album is I Am What I Am which testifies to the song-writing and delivery musicianship of Hunter & The Bear in a track which delivers the intricate meshes of the composition leaving the listener wrapped in a cocoon from which the quartet emerge on Rhopalocera wings.

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Band of the Month – August 2016 – Readers’ Choice

Closing out the month – as always – with a post at 23:59 UTC on the last day of the month – with the Readers Choice for Band Of The Month.

Hunter & The Bear - Band Of The Month - August 2016

Hunter & The Bear

From England – Hunter & The Bear.

Wildfire is available on Amazon.*

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Hunter & The Bear – Renegade – Single Review

The English blues-rock band Hunter & The Bear released the single Renegade a few hours ago.

Hunter & The Bear

Hunter & The Bear

With a couple of EPs behind them and a few one and three track singles, word arrives they are working on their début LP and the first track to surface – Renegade was made available as a stand-alone single today too.

Renegade slugs its way out of the speakers akin a heavy-weight boxer crowding their opponent in the corner of the ring with pile driving punches of percussion while the guitars sway in slower tempo like the torso gradually pressing onward as the vocal glimmers through the gleaming gum-shield as a smiling visage knowing the count is coming whilst the bass dances light footsteps around the canvas.

The superb weaving between the speed of bass and percussion and the slowly paced guitars attests to a band who know not only what they are trying to do but more relevantly can do it with considerable ability. As regular readers will know how rarely I heap praise on a voice – this is one of those exceptions as Will delivers the knock-out punch for Renegade.

Gaining a strong live following locally and further afield, including more broadly in Europe it can only be a matter of time, if there is justice in the music industry, that they become established globally.

I look forward to details of the full album and following the band in what should be their deserved progress.

Renegade is available on Amazon.*


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