Hugo Kensdale & Band

Based around the thoughts of Hugo Kensdale – Hugo Kensdale & Band based in Manchester in England – is an agit-folk-rock collective.

Hugo Kensdale & Band - agit-folk-rock from England

Hugo Kensdale & Band

Slowly turning across the room are sounds that remind me of The Kinks, wrapped in a Café in Marseilles surrounded by drifts of morose contemplatives as Hugo Kensdale & Band consider the world of discordance.

Equally able to shift between unplugged acoustics to full blown brass, keys and strings Hugo Kensdale & Band is able to extract the nuances of reflective that reverberate of a world in turmoil. The easy flowing compositions ease their way across the ears, leaving trails of blood as the songs contemplate on social and personal tumult.

Many dismiss anything touching folk as something of no relevance, they are ignoring the most important lyric writers and agitators in music over many decades and whilst this may sit outside the comfort zone of a Friday night party, to ignore Hugo Kensdale & Band is to miss some of the most relevant contemplatives of the current reality.

Whilst I don’t expect you will turn on the radio or television to find Hugo Kensdale & Band lighting up your ears, were there justice in the world – you would and my personal thanks for exploring the avenues excavated.


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