The Art Of Amputation

The Art Of Amputation from London in England is the five piece progressive rock quintet of Freddy de Lord (Keyboards / Vocals / Saxophone), Hugh Fox (Drums), Allan Harrod (Vocals / Guitar /  Keyboards), Mark Hyden (Guitar / Vocals) and recent addition –  Tim Harrod (Vocals / Percussion) – so recent there are no images of the quintet, hence the four below.

The Art Of Amputation - Progressive-rock from England

The Art Of Amputation

Mystical and mythical pirouettes of smoke spiral towards the ceiling as The Art Of Amputation deliver their contemplative sounds. I always feel that I must finally being growing up when I find myself writing about Prog-rock as the lingering notes are so far away from three chord ’70s punk, that one gets the feeling there should be more than one word for the general concept of ‘music’.

The superbly textured eddies of calmness that define The Art Of Amputation luxuriantly float around the timpani, but there is no pretentious over-play as the quintet utilise the instruments and voices to develop the theme of the composition not confuse it and the exquisite caresses between keys and semi-electronic percussion provides the audience with harmonics that need continually replay.

Whilst not – unsurprisingly – something for my everyday playlist, when in more considered mood, I can’t think of a much finer recommendation to accompany an evening with those of artistic and musical leaning.

A new single – Distorted Pop Song is slated for release on the 17th November and is most certainly a piece of music to get to know and hold close.

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