Rosa Maria – Howlin’ – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll quintet Rosa Maria released the single Howlin’ today.

Rosa Maria - photo by @fabsvejkar

Rosa Maria – photo by @fabsvejkar

First releasing music just over a year ago, the quintet have balanced between releasing new songs whilst building a live performance presence and have proven adept at both, with a feed of new songs for those of us not near enough to get to see them live while continually expanding their live performance radius to ensure more of us will become within range.

A breadth of different styles can be heard in their music, on occasion trippy, other times surfy garage though always with a slightly retrospective air and always with a twinkling footstep that invites the audience on to the dance floor.

Howlin’ (available on bandcamp) takes the listener back to ’50s rock’n’roll…

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Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels is the blues rock quartet of Danny Core (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Luke Davis (Bass), James Tranter (Lead Guitar) and Anthony Byrne (Drums) from Birmingham in England.

Broken Witt Rebels - Blues Rock from England

Broken Witt Rebels

Ballooning guitars soar out of the speakers as Broken Witt Rebels carve out their space in a packed genre and the quartet bring a verve to the scene with combinations of rock driven excitement and the tempered nuances of British Blues and Southern Americana providing the audience with whisky soaked waves of sound.

The earthy rock is delivered through the interweaving guitars, which lay the core focal point and a moody bass steeps the music with growl, whilst percussion rounds up the strings into formation and a gravel strewn vocal steers the direction of travel leaving the audience reaching for one more dram.

Broken Witt Rebels have developed an impressive and well placed confidence which enables the quartet to play around with the core roots to emerge with something at once familiar whilst simultaneously of marked difference They combine the Alabama of Birmingham and inject it with the West Midlands to provide listeners with insightful and rootsy reasons to bring out the faded leather jackets.


Howlin’ – EP – Broken Witt Rebels is available on iTunes*.

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