Birthmark – Find Yourself – Video

For only the second time in the thousands of bands reviewed going back to the last decade Birthmark is one of those very rare occasions of a music project with the same name as one already featured.

Birthmark - How You Look WHen You're Falling Down - artwork

Birthmark – How You Look WHen You’re Falling Down – artwork

Nate Kinsella, from the USA is an alt-electro-rock solo performer who releases his material under the moniker – Birthmark and not to be confused with the Greek electro-rock quartet of the same name.

Find Yourself the opening track of the eight on the LP How You Look When You’re Falling Down, which was released on the 16th, is an approaching five and a half-minutes journey, which will have you smiling all the way through as light touches are added to tumbling percussion, with drips of various music styles.


How You Look When You’re Falling Down – Birthmark is available on iTunes.*

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