Aaron Joseph Russo – Home – Audio

The Australian anxiety-wave creator Aaron Joseph Russo will be releasing the LP First in October.

Aaron Joseph Russo

Aaron Joseph Russo

The ten track album comprises of music that continually changes both tempo and intensity leaving in the listener a sense of imminent imperilment as the glitchy lofi instrumentation, electronica and subsumed vocal spark each against the other as though shorting electric cables.

The fourth song on the LP, which was revealed yesterday, is the ellipsoidal rotation of Home.

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Kyle & The Pity Party – My Car – Audio

The US gaze-rock quartet Kyle & The Pity Party will be releasing the EP Home tomorrow.

Kyle & The Pity Party

Kyle & The Pity Party

The first song to surface from the four track EP, which is available as a stand alone single on bandcamp – My Car – floats through the room in washes of blurry reverb and expansive echo which cloaks the room in a slowly drifting mist as the composition surfaces from the speakers as though filtered through voile whilst a dreamy vocal gently massages the tensor tympani.

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Tall Ships – Home – Video

Originally slated for release on the 10th of February, the English synth-rock quartet Tall Ships release the LP Impressions on the 31st.

Tall Ships - Home

Tall Ships

The second track to be featured from the album – Home, is the fourth of the nine songs – that provides, once again, a fine testament to their songwriting abilities and style of music.

Impressions is available on Amazon.*

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Bruno Major – Home – Audio

The English alt-folk creator Bruno Major is set to reveal his début LP in 2017.

Bruno Major

Bruno Major

Within the past twenty four hours his most recent track surfaced – Home.

A spell-binding composition with guitar and voice curling around each other as though growing on the same vine, the backdrop of the layers gives Home a dreamlike quality in which the listener can allow their mind to relax within the three minutes and twenty seconds of the song.

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The Blind Owls – All Day And Night – LP Review

Released a few hours ago was the fourteen track LP All Day And Night by the US merseybeat outfit The Blind Owls.

The Blind Owls - All Day And Night - CD

The Blind Owls – All Day And Night – CD

Prior to hitting play on the album – stand up and clear space.

Grabbing hold of ideas by others The Blind Owls are able to put a refreshing spin to the sound as evidenced by the opener title track All Day And Night.

Next is the scuffed guitar of Good Time and the listener is well able to believe that having a good time will be the case though the release.

The sparkling Sweet Baby trips its way in the room next to the accompaniment of a honky-tonk piano which will have you shrieking with the bridge.

Nobody Else continues the thread of infectious dance-ability in fluttering guitar strings which part way through the track change from majors to minors giving the track a double shuffle.

The fifth track – Home continues the thematic of an LP getting better as it evolves and the dampened acoustic guitar allows the audience to catch breath whilst an unanticipated harmonica joins in the moment.

Introducing that flat harmonics which lay at the heart of their music The Blind Owls reveal Better.

My pick of the release is the atypical Out Of My Mind which with an hypnotic off-beat and meandering pace affords The Blind Owls the opportunity to demonstrate they are more far more than straightforward.

Opening the second half of All Day And Night is the bustling percussion of Fever that bounces around the room like a horse happily trotting in a field.

Good To Me – well as it says on the tin – the LP has been good to me and will be to the new listener too as a skiffle-beats challenges the feet to keep in time.

The Cockney Rebel reminding  Searching For creates splinters in the floorboards as the listeners heel and toe dig for purchase.

If They Say is not – to my ears – particularly well suited to the LP – but out of fourteen options – one has to be the least favoured.

Back on firmer footing The Way bounces off the skirting boards like a bagatelle ball on rubber bands.

With some sadness I notice Mystery Man is the penultimate track in an album full of gems and recognising this The Blind Owls demand more of the accompanying dancers who are still valiantly in step.

The closer – Doctor, which takes the audience to avenues anew and the band all come to gather to finish All Day And Night with a flourish which, appropriately for the final track is the one that covers the purchase price of the full album on its own and finds the listener intrigued of future directions of travel.

All Day And Night is available to purchase on bandcamp.

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