Clone Of Clones – Hole – Video

Clone Of Clones is a US indie-rock band.

Clone Of Clones - Hole

Clone Of Clones

From the ten track LP Monster Heart, the antepenultimate in live rendition – Hole.

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Walkings – Flying Fly – Video

The Japanese garage-rock trio Walkings release the LP  (Hole) on the 6th of April.

Walkings - 穴 (Hole) - artwork

Walkings – 穴 (Hole) – artwork

The first track to surface which is the first of the ten on the album – Flying Fly growls its way into the room with speaker bending distorted rock and roll which has the listener stomping feet alongside the punchy bass which ploughs through the mind and body.

Walkings only came to fruition late last year and have already released two four track EPs and a seven track LP as well as establishing a regular live performance schedule. This is a band I look forward to hearing much more of over the coming year.

 (Hole) is available through P-Vine Records.


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