Cymatic – Broadcasting Lies – Audio

The US hip-hop producer Cymatic released the LP Child​-​Like Penmanship on the 1st.



The supporting music which has a distinct jazz tinge to it immediately marks out Cymatic as a creator with something different to offer in what is an extremely crowded market place as the songs contemplate of the conflicts of daily life.

My pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the second of the six tracks – Broadcasting Lies.


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Chelzzz – Problem – Single Review

Within the past twenty hours the US hip-hop creator Chelzzz revealed the single Problem.

Chelzzz - Problem


With a welcome return the the site Chelzzz in Problem delivers a wall rattling looping bass through which the acerbic vocal sears in to the ears like a branding iron as the approaching four and a half minutes track sneers its dismissive lyric, carpeting a world of ivory tower proselytism.

The combinations of oppressive electronics aside, both, snarling vocal and lyric do not require Chelzzz to burst the ears with volume or pace and the power of production is through its very, icy-calmness.

I look forward to returning to a musician who is self-evidently a talented lyricist and realist-performer, later in the year.

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Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna – Hanka i Hantle – Audio

The Polish alternative project Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna is working towards an LP for release in October.

Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

Created through a collaboration of the Polish bodybuilder Janusza who also writes poetry and musicians who turned towards the idea of a show of brutish muscle allowing a softer side to be exposed Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna came to fruition and the album will be filled with different styles of music adapting the collections of Janusza who is heavily influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche to create a third dimension of musical interpretation.

The first track to surface Hanka i Hantle (also available in three mixes on bandcamp) finds the carpenter turned hip-hop creator Raper Joozef reinterpreting prose.

The music is much easier to gather in its dark fulminating construct than process of collaboration.

social media pageProjekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

social media pageRaper Joozef

website Janusza

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Cza Kalu – Moonlight – Audio

Cza Kalu is a hip-hop creator from the USA.

Cza Kalu

Cza Kalu

Whilst the rise of Donald Trump in the USA is disturbing there are equally some unexpected flows of benefit and I have noticed since early last year, as his popularity became more and more apparent, that much of the sentiment of hip-hop changed from viewing women as possessions to be referred to as bitches and hoes and why it is a genre that hitherto has been largely ignored, to a more acceptable reference of people equally to be cherished on equal terms with their own minds, own thoughts and own identities and it is the heterogametic sex that needs to get back inside its box as simultaneously more frequently female rappers surface.

In Moonlight – the latest track to surface by Cza Kalu this evolution is reflected.


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Juan da god – Empire / Check – Video

The US hip-hop artist Juan da god is finalising details for the LP Back From Vacay.

Juan da god

Juan da god

A couple of tracks have surfaced from the album – Check and Empire. Pieces with demonstrate the contemplation and insight of Juan da god, who is able to deliver songs that have an articulation and purposefulness that makes for an impressive presence.

Having had the opportunity to listen to a few more numbers from Back From Vacay, this will be an LP worth getting hold of when it surfaces.


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