ViceVersa – Soulja – Audio

The US alt-rock trio ViceVersa released the AA side single Soulja​/​Hip Hop yesterday.

ViceVersa - Soulja


Available on bandcamp, the release comprises of tracks with very different temperaments – Hip Hop being a grime cover version while Soulja – my pick of the release being a funky dirty-blues number that bleeds extended guitar riffs through the room which find the listener bending the strings on their air-guitar while knotting their finger joints in accompaniment.

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Wayne Watts – Life Ain’t Sweet – Video

The US meditative-hop artist Wayne Watts is working towards the release of the LP Nowadays later this year.

Wayne Watts

Wayne Watts

With an intriguing measure of style Wayne offers in Life Ain’t Sweet, from the forthcoming release – a concept of ringing pianoforte to provide the back drop to a lyric reflecting how – despite the institutionally declared war on those from what to the State are the ‘the wrong side of the tracks’ it is possible for the greater number to discombobulate the Establishment message and rather than flare, become a cohesive unit of the many to dam the divisions promulgated by faceless bureaucrats in grey suits.


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Chelzzz – Get Hype – Single Review

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz revealed the single Get Hype a few days ago.

Chelzzz - Get Hype


Once again slamming against the stereotypical portrayal of ‘gender order’  – in Get HypeChelzzz – delivers a track that sears a branding iron in to the listener with its table-turning presence. Chelzzz has the innate ability to be at one with sarcastic derision whilst simultaneously delivering lyric that rages with contempt for institutional and genre patriarchy.

The verbal wit is wrapped inside a searing temper that, akin to a flamethrower, scorches those within touching distance. It is always a pleasure to return to Chelzzz who, with satire, tears to shreds the ‘acceptable’ whilst burning a spotlight on what that mindset is in reality, whilst, fully anticipating and taking delight in those it rips in to will find the intent flying way over their head.

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The Gxng – SSDD – Single Review

On the 15th the US hip-hop trio The Gxng released the single SSDD.

The Gxng

The Gxng

It is always a pleasure to discover rap artists who are prepared and able to coexist with each other rather than attempting to outshine and in SSDD (available on bandcamp) the end result is a track that speaks of cohesion with a wider world and rather than attempting to slice out space of how they are the pack leader, they recognise that the 99% are equally as in bad shape. Delivering a track that reflects of societal entrapment, encased inside harmonic structures, whilst shining a search-light out of the darkness – for everyone.


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Da Patriot – Spring Jacket – Audio

Da Patriot is a US hip-hop creator.

Da Patriot

Da Patriot

The latest track to surface Spring Jacket has a rising and falling pulse that immediately captures the attention as burning bass interplays with a bowed string loop giving the song a hypnotic beat that drills in to the mind with a varied off-beat rim-drum rounding out the soundtrack.

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