Chelzzz – It’s My Time – Audio

The US hip-hop artist Chelzzz – who was at 29 in the New Year Ninety Chart – is finalising details of the début LP Underestimated.

Chelzzz - It's My Time


The second track to be revealed from the forthcoming album – It’s My Time – is, as with the first B.O.M.B.S., of less searing heat than the various material previously featured since introduction in 2016.

That isn’t to say the that a furious temper isn’t palpable, it is the skewering lyric has dropped further in to the music, allowing the song to develop the accompanying theme to fuller extent with the twisting loops giving the track its menacing presence.

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ToBy – 90’s Babies – Audio

The US hip-hop project ToBy releases the LP ToBy Season Volume 1 in January 2018.



The first track to surface from the album 90’s Babies sets a fair stall to the direction of travel in the full release – lamenting of a world in which unless the person you are sitting next to is sending you those messages they are typing on their phone they are not really interested as they would sooner catch up on others matters far more important – after all one to one personal, in person, communication isn’t real – unless – wait a minute – let’s ‘take a selfie’ of us talking to share on the phone…


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InderPaul Sandhu – Money Ain’t A Thing – Video

The English sardonic hip-hop creator InderPaul Sandhu released the single Money Ain’t A Thing on the 16th.

InderPaul Sandhu

InderPaul Sandhu

Reworking an age old adage that chasing coins for the sake of disporting how many coins one owns doesn’t not make for much else than a shallow shell of moral corruption and ultimately a wasted life.

Whilst not particularly taking a swipe at the 1%, the song evokes that a wealthy life comes from pursuing an inbuilt burning desire and for some, though not of import, fiat currency does follow too – in an uplifting and ultimately optimistic composition.

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Money Ain’t a Thing – Single – InderPaul Sandhu is available on iTunes.*

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T Barz – Flexin – Audio

The US hip-hop artist Felecia Nichole Tunstall – who performs under the name T Barz – is finalising details for an EP.

T Barz

T Barz

The first track to surface Flexin – which was made available as a stand alone single on the 22nd – is a protestation of a society which is divided in to silos of division where equality for all the same distant dream in 2017 as it was decades ago, despite continued lip-service.

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Flexin – Single – T BARZ is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Slutashia – Savage Bitch – Video

Slutashia is a US hip-hop project.

Slutashia - photo credit - Mike Stevens Photography

Slutashia – photo credit – Mike Stevens Photography

With only a couple of tracks around, both of different countenance, the most recent Savage Bitch is a darkly loping track that takes the listener deep in to the underground with a beguiling juxtaposition between its acerbic lyric and sensuous synths.

The opening ‘Amazing Grace’ on the video is a scene setter and not the sound of the track – let it play through the introduction – which doesn’t last long.

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