Para Fiction – W Y S X – Single Review

The English hip-hop outfit Para Fiction revealed their latest track W S Y X yesterday.

Para Fiction

Para Fiction

The music minds of the Isle of Man located Han-FX with a crossover of the fury of grime in a song which permeates thought widespread in the British Isles and across much of the world with its frustration of political hierarchies, which akin to a tracheotomy, mouth the right words but deliver mere platitudes of undelivered noises as Para Fiction express a scathing response to a bureaucracy of ineffectual waffle in a diatribe of realist reflection of a life blighted by dead end opportunities to funnel riches to the 1%, whilst expressing of an alternative and far brighter reality.


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Chelzzz – Underestimated – Audio

The US hip-hop creator Chelzzz is a regular staple on the site.

Chelzzz - Underestimated


The latest track to surface – Underestimated –  continues the style of the last song to feature  – It’s My Time – allowing the melodies to power the message and once again Chelzzz doesn’t disappoint her existing fan-base nor shortchange the new.

I remain hopeful that at some point in the near future Chelzzz may gather a collection of tracks together and put them out as a long player.

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Nomad Carlos – War Repertoire – Audio

The Jamaican boom bap creator Nomad Carlos will be releasing the LP The Nomad Carlos Project in due course.

Nomad Carlos

Nomad Carlos

Often working with fellow rappers as part of the collective The Council, the first track to surface from the forthcoming album features another collective member, Inztinkz.

War Repertoire is a dark commentary of the daily turmoils in life laid to a captivating, rotating, harmonic and filmesque soundtrack.


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Axiom Tha Wyze vs. ZERO – Epic Cypher – Video

The US hip-hop artists Axiom Tha Wyze and ZERO recently joined Imminence Records.

ZERO - Photo credit - Rase Littlefield

ZERO – Photo credit – Rase Littlefield

By way of an introduction and welcome to the label they recently got together for a live session in the studio which surfaced as a video with the title Epic Cypher.

Axiom Tha Wyze

Axiom Tha Wyze

Axiom Tha Wyzesocial media page

ZEROsocial media page

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LeX – PainKillers – Single Review

The US hip-hop project LeX released the single PainKillers yesterday.



The composition tackles a reality which has, and continues to affect, many – addiction to prescription medication. By not sinking in to bitterness or self-pity Painkillers is able to narrate a stronger message.

As regular readers know I am always fully in support of musicians who are prepared to put their own realities of life to inspection for others to dig in to the entrails and make of what they will.

Set to a soundtrack of urban hip-hop the song takes on the powerful – oppressive air of frustration of the genre.

Mugen! The Human

Mugen! The Human

As suggested in the full single name – PainKillers (feat. Mugen! The Human) [Prod. 4k], this is a collaborative piece with Mugen! The Human.

LeXsocial media page

Mugen! The Humansocial media page

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