Queen Mishalean – These days – Single Review

Queen Mishalean is a hip-hop artist from the USA.

Queen Mishalean

Queen Mishalean

The début track – These Days – surfaced yesterday.

A sharp and critical eye glares from the track as Queen Mishalean sneers at societal construct and a peer pressure that demands that the individual loses their sense of identity to become subsumed in to a template of group expectation.

While scathing of the mores of society rather than screaming from the speakers These Days bears its power through its measured articulation which allows the message to be clearly and unequivocally understood and although lasting less than two and a half minutes – leaves a searing flame burning in the mind.

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Will-Broad – Zim Plan – Audio

The Zimbabwean hip-hop project Will-Broad revealed the latest track on the 10th.

Will-Broad -Zim Plan


Zim Plan is of different articulation to music previously featured, with a more flowing and mellowed construction that, conversely, is of more political statement. Reflecting as it does of plans to reintroduce the Zimbabwean Dollar which was withdrawn at the time of hyper-inflation having riven society in to far reaching shortages and abject poverty.

Whilst very specifically focused on Zimbabwean societal structures, the narrative of a system failing the many whilst enriching the few has a global resonance.

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Band of the Month – July 2018 – Readers’ Choice

From time to time the Readers and myself are singing from the same song-sheet and the July Readers’ Choice For Band of The Month is one of those times…

Big Deal - Band Of The Month July 2018

Big Deal

… the politically charged Indian protest hip-hop musician – Big Deal.

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Leddie MC – Something Gotta Give – Audio

The English hip-hop artist Leddie MC released the single Something Gotta Give yesterday.

Leddie MC

Leddie MC

The material always casts a scathing look at the world around, on occasion with a touch of sardonic humour, other times of more visceral mood, though always of lyrical wit and adept delivery that never bursts open the speakers, rather gathers its powerful messaging from the understated vitriol of societal structures that are failing for the majority.

Something Gotta Give, is available on bandcamp, word also arrives an EP is in train for release later in the year.


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BhadWaiz – Young Legend – Audio

The US hip-hop artist BhadWaiz revealed the latest track Young Legend yesterday.

BhadWaiz - photo by @hiphopcbus

BhadWaiz – photo by @hiphopcbus

With a more concentrated wave of sound, hence more brooding, than music previously featured in Young Legend, BhadWaiz, is still able to deliver a powerful message of the realities of loss and waste without needing to blast out the windows.

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