Hey, Sleeper – This Doubt – Audio

As regular readers will know I fall out with PR firms more often than I eat, but what are they really like? Are they the uncaring self-serving I make them out to be, or, is there a more considered element to their make-up?

Hey, Sleeper - This Doubt

Hey, Sleeper

Hey, Sleeper from England has featured previously – also known as Luke Roberts of Limetree Music is a PR folk I find time with whom to engage, despite myself. A new track – This Doubt.

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Hey, Sleeper – Tear In My Heart – Video

Hey, Sleeper from England has just released a new video for track two on the five song release We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June.

Hey, Sleeper

Hey, Sleeper

Tear In My Heart is a stark and poignant acoustic performance, by someone I know far better as a PR guy working on behalf of other musicians. So it is a pleasure to introduce the music behind Luke Roberts.

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