Nabucco Dinosaur – Hesitate – Single Review

Nabucco Dinosaur is an Italy / France based alt-rock duo.

Nabucco Dinosaur

Nabucco Dinosaur

Regularly working with other musicians from around the world, Hesitate (available on bandcamp) which was released on the 2nd, adds two players and a US dimension to the track.

Akin to the global nature of Hesitate there are a melting pot of influences that drift through the room as psychedelia, americana, southern country and british-blues take to the floor. Though far from sounding like an idea sewn together from unmatched patches there is a cohesive flow to the composition in which the listener can take pleasure as the unhurried trippy soundtrack weaves its way through the ears.

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Desperate Journalist – Hesitate – Video

The English indie-rock quartet Desperate Journalist were introduced in 2013.

Desperate Journalist - eponymous LP - artwork

Desperate Journalist – eponymous LP – artwork

From their eponymous LP the fourth of the eleven tracks – Hesitate.

Desperate Journalist – Desperate Journalist is available on iTunes.*

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