herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – Audio

The US alt-rockers herMajesty release the two track single I Saw The Dog on vinyl on the 2nd of November and digitally on the 8th.

herMajesty - I Saw The Dog - vinyl test pressing

herMajesty – I Saw The Dog – vinyl test pressing

A couple of years since last featured it is appropriate to refresh the mind.

I Saw The Dog is a timeless track which takes in a disparate set of influences which have a richness of analogue warmth to them that allows each element to shine in its own channel affording the song an intricate weave of texturing which is almost tangible as it floats through the room. The evocative guitars snake around the supple vocal whilst a quietly drifting synthesis creates hazy extensions through which the drum-kit, that maximises the available skins, develops a hypnotic focus off its own and the pulsing bass rounds out the composition as it provides the anchoring and solidity to the erstwhile ethereal soundtrack.

Whilst the digital version is able to capture some of the warmth, I would posit the physical release will do more justice.

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herMajesty – Mariana (I’ll Find You) – Audio

The US alt-indie quintet herMajesty release the EP My Body Your Mind on the 6th of January.



herMajesty offer a quietly ridden sophistication that ebbs slowly into the room with the first of the five tracks Mariana (I’ll Find You). A hauntingly enticing just over four and a quarter minutes of luxuriant melody and subtle texture that the listener just wants to linger longer.

There is much going on in Mariana (I’ll Find You) yet it plays calmly on the ears as herMajesty coax a gently evolving soufflé of instrumentation and vocal to surround the audience in a soft cloak.

herMajesty is a band I do intend to come back to with a fuller article next year as they are a quintet with much to add to the world of music.


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