Owl Company – Pieces – Video

Owl Company, a Brazilian heavy-rock quintet, is planning to release the LP Iris in the latter half of the year.

Owl Company

Owl Company

The newest track to surface from the album, which is also available as a standalone single, Pieces, showcases their compressed heavy riffs which mind the listener of condensed milk with its combinations of depth of flavour and fulsome richness of texture.

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Pieces – Single – OWL COMPANY is available on iTunes.*

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Destiny Never Dies – Keep The Dream Alive – Audio

The US heavy rock quintet Destiny Never Dies are working on the EP – Second Strike.

Destiny Never Dies - photo by Mark Burzenski

Destiny Never Dies – photo by Mark Burzenski

Within the past twenty hours a track from the forthcoming release was revealed.

Keep The Dream Alive is a track that propels a precision machine-gun fire of percussion in to the room, to which the duo of guitars are given room to ebb and flow in intensity, giving the song a spacious, almost space-rock feel, as a tautly strung bass keeps the elements together with the vocal delivering a flowing and sympathetic narrative.

Not allowing the grass to grow underneath their feet, it was only in April that Destiny Never Dies released their début LP Prelude (available on bandcamp).

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Magnetic Mountain

Magnetic Mountain from Darmstadt in Germany is the heavy rock quartet of Andi Kurz (Vocals), Malte Huether (Guitar), Martin Dudde (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Idris Colaker (Drums).

Magnetic Mountain - heavy rock from Germany

Magnetic Mountain

The thunderous riffs shake the walls as Magnetic Mountain deliver their high tempo straight up rock. Although driven and played with power the quartet are also able to retain control, allowing the audience to enjoy the performance as much as the volume.

Formerly known as Black Lizard their EP released under the old iteration contains more of a stoner rock feel to it and it is this earlier grounding that has enabled Magnetic Mountain to retain the melodic structures with the framework of leather jackets and frayed badges.

While containing all the ingredients of the genre, what I particularly enjoy is the way they don’t fly off into existential extended guitar and drum breaks that finds me reaching for lengthy novels to read to fill the time before the track gets back on course. Magnetic Mountain are one of those rare beasts, a heavy rock band I am more than happy to listen to over and again.

Not something to take out for a spin when planning a romantic candle-lit meal, but most certainly to sit on the play-list when you are wanting to blow away the cobwebs.

The most recent LP – the ten track Lodestone Sanctuary is a three quarters of an hour of impressive pile-driving creativity.


Lodestone Sanctuary – Magnetic Mountain is available on iTunes*.

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Beyond Visions

Beyond Visions a Heavy rock band from Stockholm in Sweden is Rebecka Heijel (Vocal), Henrik Jansson (Drums) and Alexander Berg (Guitar).

Beyond Vision - Metal from Sweden

Beyond Vision

Longer term readers will recognize Rebecka from Pretty Solitude, Beyond Visions are far removed from that iteration. Having been together since 2007 the band has developed a strong cohesion though for various reasons haven’t maximised their potential, 2013 and beyond could well see all this change with the release of their debut LP the twelve track Your Face Is Familiar which is available on iTunes*.

The guitar scythes its way across the room with a percussion that rolls through everything in its path and a triumphant vocal rides victoriously through the landscape. High voltage rock played with confidence is good on the ears and Beyond Visions have spent their time well, honing their craft, as this is most certainly a tight sounding outfit who can throw out the gauntlet of flailing guitars, whilst inside it sits a sense of mythical Scandinavian legends of the gods.

It will be interesting to see if Beyond Visions take this opportunity to capitalise on their evident talent to take this to a wider audience or whether they will continue to take the ethereal route they have taken thus far with fleeting releases far apart.

If you enjoy heavy rock with the ability to capture the mind then this trio is a great place to spend some time and I hope it isn’t another four years before they deliver their next album.


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Rafael Silva (Vocals), Igor Tavares (Drums), Luis Maia (Guitar) and Filipe Soares (Bass) combine to form Rocha a rage rock band from Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

Rocha - rage rock from Brazil


The sincerity of a band steeped in the merciless violence of the favelas of Rio is immediately evidenced as the protective seal of aggression and conflict thunders out of the speakers. There is no gentle pandering to assimilate, as Rocha lay out the realities of their existence in stark and confrontational flashes of bared teeth and it is a delight to be able to introduce them to a wider world.

I often speak to people about the surprise that I have that so few bands actually engage and remonstrate to report on the reality of life and it is with some great pleasure that I have found a band who strip away the asinine conformity to challenge the normalcy with a diatribe of sound that drips blood, sweat and tears around the room and regardless of whether you speak Portuguese or not, the evident dissociation can’t help but register.

This is not music for those of gentle disposition as the very reflection of the violence and aggression meted out in the reality of living in Brazil is hurled back at the audience. It is perhaps somewhat apposite that I have had their music drawn in my direction as the riots in Brazil calm and the world looks forward to the upcoming Football tournament as though all is well in the country and it is the fault of the builders that it is descending into chaos.

Welcome to the reality of Brazil and thank you Rocha for stripping away the paint-shopped images of The Rio Carnival to head up to the shanty towns and remind us all of the realities of life.


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