Basement Revolver – Baby – Audio

The Canadian sadcore trio Basement Revolver will be releasing the LP Heavy Eyes on the 24th of August.

Basement Revolver

Basement Revolver

Basement Revolver somehow seem like a trio who must have been in the collection for many a year as there is something comfortingly familiar in their music, which is not due in any part to ‘sounds like’ rather their music having a confidence and calmness which, like heading out to a favoured bar, nestles itself within the brain with an immediate sense of pleasurable anticipation.

Given that there is only a brief catalogue of music, only dating back just over a couple of years, Basement Revolver already mark themselves out as a band who rate a long reach and legacy and I look forward to hearing more. The first song to surface from the dozen track album is the opener – Baby.


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Exit Earth – Stems – Video

Exit Earth from England were first reviewed back in June 2012.

Exit Earth - Stems

Exit Earth

Appearing quite regularly on the site, news reaches me of plans for a new LP next year and with two new members in the band it will be interesting to hear how the music has developed. From their last LP, Heavy Eyes which was reviewed last year, a video has surfaced for Stems.

Heavy Eyes is available on the Exit Earth bandcamp store.

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