From Apes To Angels – Perfection – Single Review

The English synth-wave duo From Apes To Angels release the single Perfection on the 8th of February.

From Apes To Angels - Perfection - artwork

From Apes To Angels – Perfection – artwork

Made available for streaming a couple of hours ago Perfection is a circle of its own virtue as From Apes To Angels up the ante with their second single in just over four and a half minutes of dreamy electronica.

If you were stepping into Savile Row for your first bespoke tailoring Perfection is the cloth you would have in mind, whilst seeking to describe the softness, comfort and fabric weight desired. The music floats, akin to an illusionists trick as it hovers seemingly unsupported, across the room as From Apes To Angels match lustrous synthetics with a beguiling vocal which French-kisses the timpani sending shivers of anticipation down the spine.

Somehow the duo have been able to remove a pillar of familiarity from their previous release – Head & Heart and leave the audience with more by which to be enticed as From Apes To Angels tease the audience with a texture that gently gently caresses as it squeezes.

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From Apes To Angel – Head & Heart – Audio

Andrew Brassleay (Synths) and Millie Gaum (Vocals) from England recently got together to form the new-romantics duo – From Apes To Angel.

From Apes To Angels

From Apes To Angels

Rather than a band review, it is more of an apology, Head & Heart, which is available on bandcamp, has been sitting in my email inbox since the 29th of last month.

Hang on you may be thinking – if you are of longer stay – is that Andrew B. of Senopia? You are right and Senopia continues to thrive with Andrew remaining as part of the line-up.

From Apes To Angel is currently burrowing away on the release of their début EP planned for next year, which I hope to be able to catch and bring to your attention more quickly than this has been delayed.

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