Hazels – Late Nights, Late Mornings – Audio

The English indie-rock quintet Hazels were a little quiet for a few months but are again back in full flow.

Hazels - Late Nights, Late Mornings


With a series of gigs coming up and in light of their recent quietness Hazels made available their latest track on Thursday – the jam-packed Late Nights, Late Mornings, which will have you braying for more.

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Hazels – Can’t Ignore – Audio

The English indie-rock band Hazels are set to imminently release the two track single The Cure.

Hazels - Can't Ignore


Originally slated to release on the 2nd a slight delay expects to find The Cure coming out in the next few days.

The B-side – Can’t Ignore was made available within the past 24 hours.

Slightly retro in sound the listener is minded of the mid ’00s. Hazels have given the influences a brush-up, stamping a mark of currency, in the just over three minute track which contains a faint distortion that gives the song an appealing velvety texture.

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Hazels is an indie-rock band from Jesmond in England, comprising James GibbonsRobbie O’NeillPeter LaveryTomo Errington and Matthew Duffy.

Hazels - indie-rock from England


Brightly shining music skips around the room as Hazels deliver solidly formed sounds. The bass creates the steely spine of the out-put allowing the percussion to flourish with creative flurries and tempo changes, that gives the hook and foundation on which to add the textures of the guitars. A vocal spears clearly through the tracks as the various six-stringers are given the room to explore a range of effects, from wow, to echo and dampener, without ever finding the changes out of context.

Although formed a couple of years ago, it wasn’t until the latter part of last year they really took themselves seriously and started to establish a regular live performance presence, which has found them generate a local buzz of interest. The slow start means that I have only been able to hear two tracks, though rumour has it that a a six track début release is due to surface over the summer. Certainly an LP I am looking forward to hearing and one which, if of similar vein to the couple of tracks about, should see Hazels rapidly gain far wider traction.

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