Two Cartoons – Less People (Less Traffic) – Single Review

The haze-rock duo of Bradley Craig and Isaac McFarlane from Dunedin (New Zealand), known as Two Cartoons, released the single Less People (Less Traffic) on the 12th.

Two Cartoons

Two Cartoons

Their back catalogue of music is an intoxicating blend of drifting melancholia laced with party balloons and a dash of sarcasm which enables them to reveal music that burrows its way deep in to the listeners limbic system and Less People (Less Traffic) continues in that vein.

Blurry guitar meanders through the room in stop start motion, as though snuffling the nooks and crannies of the skirting board, while a busy percussion tumbles through the speakers with the vocal bleeding through a hazy voile.

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Less People (Less Traffic) – Single – Two Cartoons is available on iTunes.*

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Violet – Heaven Adores You – Single Review

The English haze-rock quintet Violet released the single Heaven Adores You on the 12th.

Violet - photo credit - Rachel Spivey

Violet – photo credit – Rachel Spivey

Rotating reverb and effects fold one around the other, akin to a solar corona as dawn breaks, with the elongated notes of the three guitars diffusing in to multicoloured fractals, while a brit-pop vocal gives the song a semblance to ’90s grunge and bass and percussion tethering the slowly paced piece like a dragging anchor – as the music fills the room with immersive and ever expanding layers of tripped out rock in to which the listener succumbs their senses to ease away the stresses and strains of the daily grind of life.

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Heaven Adores You – Single – Violet is available on iTunes.*

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Daise. – Sights Of Blue – Single Review

The US haze-rock quartet Daise. released the single Sights Of Blue yesterday.



Soft pillows of billowing clouds circle through the room to conjoin with spiky needles of hail as the slightly angular hints of maths-rock pierce the speakers to the accompaniment of softly brushed harmonics. The counterpoint textures enable Daise. to deliver, in Sights Of Blue, a song which is simultaneously warm of embrace whilst reminiscent of a nervous and awkward hug.

A composition that invites the listener to get to know more and it is with some fortune that word arrives, in the background work is being carried out on an LP, this will undoubtedly enable a fuller perspective of the canvas.


Sights of Blue – Single – Daise is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Bushes – Sunny Day Mood – Audio

The English haze-rock trio Bushes are working towards an EP for release later in the year.



Eighteen months in existence, Bushes decided to launch their début EP and introduce themselves to a broader audience with a series of singles, the latest being Sunny Day Mood, which was revealed yesterday and is only the third song of theirs to surface.

By the progress since January of last year these are a trio to keep a firm ear out for and get to see in the early stages before ticket prices rises to – taking out a loan – levels.

The music is marked by an uncompromised self-assuredeness that even in recording has an earthy honesty and thereby immediately creates a connection with the audience.

Bushes do not seek to complicate what is at its core a gritty garage sound, rather enhance the echoing reverberations of the material by extending the recoil to create a shimmering relaxing flow and thereby slowing down the pace of the day.

I look forward to following their progress over the coming years.


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Hopeless Kids – California – Audio

It has been almost exactly a year since the French haze-rock duo Hopeless Kids last featured making their latest track to be revealed most opportune in timing.

Hopeless Kids - California

Hopeless Kids

California is a delicate filigree of interwoven parts that build in to a substantial moment in which the listener finds themselves wrapped in shimmering filaments of instrumentation and voice that entrances the mind.

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