Haydn Rothrock – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – Single Review

The US fuzzy-rock project Haydn Rothrock revealed the newest track – Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks) – on the 11th.

Haydn Rothrock - Going Without Goodbyes (feat. The Killer Kooks)

Haydn Rothrock

Of different texturing to the music of introduction the new single features guitar strings so loose they distort themselves in their own bounce, which immediately slows down the pace and dynamic range resultingly affording the composition a grungy pout that can’t but endear the song to the listener as it slouches through the room akin to a teenage sulk.

I look forward to hearing more by Haydn Rothrock in short order as the music delivers its miserable disposition towards the world which is simultaneously able to firmly have its tongue in cheek almost as a self-parody without it becoming a farce and generating songs that bear immediate replay to find other eddies of ideas missed first time around.

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Haydn Rothrock – Kodak Orange – Single Review

The US retrowave creator Haydn Rothrock revealed Kodak Orange on the 3rd.

Haydn Rothrock

Haydn Rothrock

Popping clarified butter in to a warming pan containing fried Samphire and one discovers the essence of Kodak Orange with its salted nutty undertones laid inside a creamy emulsion in which one delightedly dips a fork.

Frothy fretwork played through ever developing pedal reverb, delay and effects wraps itself inside the underlying percussive impetus whilst the melting vocal, which appears through a hazy filter, mixes in to the harmonics of a song in which the listener finds themselves enraptured.

Hats off to Haydn Rothrock who is able to deliver a track which, despite its busy undertow, leaves a millpond in its wake and is a testament to a musician who is able to calm a potentially catastrophic set of ingredients to a resulting plate of moreish taste.

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