Dead Happy – Off Switch – Video

The English zany-rock trio Dead Happy release the LP Mechana God on the 5th of May.

Dead Happy - Off Switch

Dead Happy

When first introduced in 2015 Dead Happy were a duo the addition of Harry on Bass, synth and electro-drums discovers them not lacking any of their abstract delivery as is attested in Off Switch – from the forthcoming album.

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Tigerbalm is the alt-rock quartet of Harry, Greg, Jono, Jon from London in England.



A couple of months into their existence Tigerbalm -having initially sparked as The Capulets – have made three tracks available only one of which, intriguingly, contains vocals.

The, roughly, eight minutes of music currently available are of some considerable interest as the compositions evidence these are highly capable writers of music and arranging it in a way that provides the listener with the desire to hear more than is yet around. Although there are only the three tracks – Tigerbalm have been able to set out an impressive stall of wares.

From retro early ’70s rock to melancholic early ’80s new-wave through to ’10s instrumental maths-rock the quartet cover the basis with equal aplomb (although the material has been released in reverse of that list ordering). Tigerbalm demonstrate the capacity to explore those and probably more themes to greater depth whilst each time bringing in an emulsion of refined expansion that allows the sounds to salve embrocation to the stresses of the day, as the band name would suggest to be the case.

It will be interesting to discover the direction of travel for the quartet and I look forward to following their development.

By way of introduction, the one track containing voice, Blame – not because of the voice but as you will know I have a natural centre of gravity that makes new-wave the nearest to the ’70s punk in which I was initially involved as a band member all those decades ago and is my more natural stomping ground.

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Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club is the garage rock quartet of CallumHarryJames and Ryan from Liverpool in England.

Hooton Tennis Club - garage rock from England

Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club – there is something quintessentially English about a band who names themself after a fee based lawn tennis club who play on plastic grass, based in Cheshire. If none of that resonates – think of your most pretentious region of the desperate middle class sub-achievers.

Hooton Tennis Club as a band – now that is all together a different story as they scour away the net curtains and plastic windows to deliver an excoriated journey to extrapolate an invectivitude of implied evisceration all laid in a park of skittles and croquet hoops.

The subtlety of the compositions make for their impressiveness as the quartet provide a social commentary on the world they see around as the easy flowing music floats around the room in laconic drifts of open spaces, whilst on opening the ears the sneer is writ large across the scores.

I am minded of The Nerve who had much to say, but put it so abstrusely that few captured the essence – with their songs now capitulated into The Troggs. However I do recommend you spend time with Hooton Tennis Club to ingest the conundrums and on allowing yourself the space, you will find a band of consciousness who don’t find the need to shout and for that I give them credit and trust you will too.

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The Hollow Bones

The Hollow Bones a garage rock band from Newtown in Australia is John (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Rik (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Harry (Drums).

The Hollow Bones - garage rock from Australia

The Hollow Bones

Wrapping 50’s rock and roll, hooking it up with ’70s new wave and serving it in the ’10s The Hollow Bones deliver fun and interest on a plate. Frothing with exuberance these three know how to work as a unit as the sounds bounce across each other in a frenzy of activity which enthuses the listener.  Frenetic percussion bursts thought the room accompanied by clouds of guitars over which lies a vocal which sits perfectly with the music.

Very much a band to see live, The Hollow Bones have a stretch of songs which are tucked away on their Facebook page, though worth digging to find if you are not able to see them live. Just don’t plan on putting your feet up when you hit play as this is a band to enjoy whilst flipping around the room to the infectious sounds. They have the official release for their debut single Hot Press on the 13th at Spectrum in Sydney.

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White Lodge

White Lodge – a garage rock band from Brisbane in Australia is Hudson, Jonny, Harry and J.B.

White Lodge - Garage Rock from Australia

White Lodge

The quartet have been busy getting their music available to a broader audience with four releases since April. The heavily echoed and reverbed sounds are set within a psychedelic context giving the music a vamp-goth feel not demanding of the audience, however nonetheless engaging and the listener can enjoy the material precisely on its face value.

Providing tunes that range from the floating and haunting to faster tempo, White Lodge have plenty to offer the audience. The psychedelic vamp-goth twists provide the music with enormous entertainment value, whilst not stretching credulity and easily understood. It is the very fact of the easy access which gives the band its strength.

Whilst working hard on recording and writing a vast tranche of material, the band is also beginning to gather a live audience following. Vocally, the songs are challenging and won’t suit everyone’s ears. White Lodge still have a distance to travel to get the most out of their creativity, but that is no reason to hang back from getting involved now and I wish them all the best.


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