Harry Gump – Nichts Weiter – Audio

The German agit-folk creator Harry Gump released the EP Waterfront on the 1st.

Harry Gump - Nichts Weiter

Harry Gump

A five track release, (available on bandcamp) Waterfront, as in common with all music previously featured since introduction in 2014 reflects of a frustration and sadness that the world is so wrapped up in facile divisions that it is inevitably everyone who suffers delivered by easily measured guitar and distinctive style that is the hallmark of the music if Harry Gump.

The second song is Nichts Weiter which also features Niki Minipax.

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Harry Gump – Longing For More – Video

The German agit-folk project Harry Gump is due to imminently release the Waterfront EP.

Harry Gump - photo credit - Lautundwild

Harry Gump – photo credit – Lautundwild

The first track to surface from the EP, may well be known to those who have seen Harry Gump live, for those of us who haven’t, Longing For More is its first outing from an EP, having regularly featured the music since being introduced in 2014,  I recommend adding to the collection when made available.

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Harry Gump – We’re All In This together! – Video

The German agit-folk creator Harry Gump regularly features.

Harry Gump - We're All In This together!

Harry Gump

Whether singing in English or German the consistent message by Harry Gump is always of the same vein as perhaps summed up by the title of this live performance of an as yet unreleased track – We’re All In This Together.

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Harry Gump – Lawinen – Video

The German agit-folk singer Harry Gump has featured regularly since being introduced in 2014.

Harry Gump - Lawinen

Harry Gump

A new song, captured in live performance – Lawinen, is a reaction to and protestation against the rise of the right-wing political parties in the face of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Performed on the 12th of March, the day before the results of the three regional elections in Germany, in which the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) made considerable ground, securing in the local regional assembly to Harry Gump – Saxony-Anhalt,  24.2% of the vote.

Always a pleasure to come back to Harry and long may he continue to fight the good fight.

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